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November 8, 2011

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of November 8, 2011
3:00pm - 5:00pm
DUC 211 A & B

Present: Gene Pearson, President Eibeck, Maria Pallavicini, Mary Lou Lackey, Patrick Cavanaugh, Lewis Gale, Peg Ciccolella, Bob Murta, Ted Leland, Jin Gong, Chris Johnston, Peter Meyer, Nejat Duzgunes, Susan Giraldez, Dan Shipp, Kelli Page, Mike Wright, Marcus Perrot

Elizabeth Griego, Ashton Datcher

Sondra Roeuny, Jessica Dudoff

Call to Order:

Minutes for the October 25, 2011 meeting were approved as distributed. 

Stockton Campus Administrative Budget Presentations:
Vice President for External Relations & Athletics Leland reviewed FY12 budget allocations and presented FY13 budget requests.  He reported that FY12 allocations included hiring a Community Relations Manager, and a Project Coordinator for the Tomorrow Project [now housed in the Benerd School of Education]. Monies allocated to Athletics included monies used to improve training facilities and add four scholarships for women's sport programs. 

FY13 budget requests for the Division of External Relations & Athletics included, in order of importance: 1) operating budget support for the Latino Community Outreach program; 2) operating budget support for Athletic Marketing Operations (school spirit initiative); 3) one-time expenditure for a solid floor covering for the A.G. Spanos Center; 4) hiring a facilities manager for the Vereschagin Alumni House; 5) monies to support ongoing computer and other technology refresh; 6) one-time expense for a 15-passenger van; 7) one time expense for two utility vehicles; 8) one-time expense for the purchase and set-up of  ticket scanning technology; and 9) ongoing support for student-athlete summer school financial aid.

Vice President for Business and Finance Cavanaugh reviewed FY12 budget allocations and presented FY13 budget requests for the Division of Business and Finance.  He reported that FY12 allocations included hiring a Budget Analyst; a Senior Financial Analyst, a Staff Auditor and a Custodian. The position description for an Accounts Payable Manager has been written and a hire is expected soon. He also reported that so far $152K had been expended on energy efficiency projects supported by the Sustainability Fund.

FY13 budget requests for the Division of Business and Finance included, in order of importance: 1) establishing a new position to provide operating support and coordination for an Office of Capital Project Planning and Management; 2) hiring a Senior Benefits and Reporting Analyst for Human Resources; 3) one time expenditures to upgrade the Pacific OneCard System; 4) base add to University benefits to cover the University costs of implementing post-retirement, healthcare benefit to support future retirees (January 1 to June 30, 2013 funding); and 5) additions to the operating budget for deferred maintenance.

Previous Presentations: Gene Pearson reported that following the discussion at the October 25th meeting, the Division of Student Life had withdrawn one of their requests which will be implemented with already allocated funds. The Division will present a modified list of priorities at a future meeting.

Peg Ciccolella raised the issue of how best to facilitate conversations to increase the potential for collaborations and avoid funding duplicate services. One example was how to most efficiently and effectively provide nutritional information and internship opportunities for students on the Stockton campus. Suggestions included addressing the issue in the Program Review process; modifying the IPC Budget request form; implementing a two year IPC budget cycle thus allowing for the possibility of more preliminary conversations; and encouraging all committees reviewing program requests to address possible collaboration and duplication of programs or services.

Cross-Divisional Requests: President Eibeck reviewed the three cross-divisional requests most likely to be presented at the next IPC meeting. The President and the Cabinet will prioritize the cross-divisional requests.

Pearson reminded the committee that IPC meets next week.

Adjourned: 4:27pm