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June 20 2000

Institutional Priorities Committee
Tuesday, June 20, 2-4 PM
Pine Room

   AGENDA (Minutes
1.Minutes: review, revision, approval.
 aNext meeting on Tuesday, June 27, 2-4 PM, Taylor Conference Room
4.Continuing Issues
 a.Discussion - see table below 

Planning for Capital Campaign (Meer)


Cost allocation data update (Brodnick)


Evaluation of retreat

5.New Issues
  1)Feedback from WASC
6.Future Agenda Items
  1)Assessment of IPC initiatives(Leadership, Ethics across the curriculum, ELO, Brubeck Inst, Development, Diversity, etc)
  2)Ongoing review of effectiveness of allocations
  3)Sun Ray initiative
  4)Technological planning, Kubeck
June 27New draft of planning and budget assumptionsAll
AugustFinal Accounting of FY2000 budgetCavanaugh