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Graduate Program

Our Masters degree program provides students with a broad background in the biological sciences that serves as preparation for entry into Ph.D. degree programs, employment in the biotechnology industry, and teaching positions at the high school and community college levels.

The program also facilitates student entry into health-related professional programs. Some biology graduate students participate in research in the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

  • Approximately 25-30 students are enrolled in the program.
  • Graduate studies cover molecular and cellular biology, physiology, microbiology, ecology, paleontology and plant and animal systematics.
  • Full-time students can complete the M.S. degree requirements in two years.
    • Students actively perform research during the academic year and summer.
    • Students who remain on track write and defend their thesis during the fourth semester of the program.

Working with Biological Sciences Faculty

  • The M.S. Program enables students to work closely with Biological Sciences faculty members in research and in teaching.
  • Our faculty strengths are in the areas of molecular and cellular biosciences, ecology, physiology, and paleontology. Visit the individual faculty websites to learn more about particular areas of interest and research.

icon Biological Sciences Graduate Studies Brochure

M.S. Graduates Share Their Insights

“My experiences at Pacific played an important role in my decision to continue in the field of biomedical research. The program provided just the right combination of classroom and laboratory training, and by the end I felt very capable of asking important scientific questions and performing the appropriate experiments to answer them."
“Following the completion of my Master's degree, I used the scientific foundation that I had built to complete my Ph.D. in Molecular Immunology at UCLA, and am currently conducting my postdoctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology.”

Ryan O’ Connell ‘01

“I feel Pacific has given me a variety of opportunities. As a student, I received an excellent education.  As a Teaching Assistant, I received valuable experience.  As a faculty member, I enjoy my job.  What more can you ask?  Go UOP!!!”

Matthew Milnes ‘00