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Graduate Students

MOBS-  Masters of Biology Society

MOBS 2016-2017 Orientation

MOBS provides an open forum for biology graduate students to express their ideas and opinions towards improving the experience of the Biology Graduate Program.  Through recreational and community service coordinating, the organization strives to promote student unity and foster student-faculty relationships.   In addition, members facilitate leadership roles that will be paramount to the development of a professional career in the science field and beyond.  Furthermore, MOBS is designed to enhance overall representation of the University of the Pacific Biology Graduate Program both academically and professionally.

Meeting Times:  Second Thursday of every month  (Subject to change each semester)

Meeting Location: The Biology Grad Office, 1st Floor Biology Dept. 

Contact Information:
MOBS email is

You can see photos of our current activities at: and on Instagram: @mobspacific or using #mobspacific

MOBS members do several fundraisers, including a fundraiser each year called Pie Your TA. Students can pay to throw whipped cream pies at both TAs and professors. This usually happens near the end of either semester. In addition, MOBS performs community service activities.  Our biggest activity each year is usually Safe Trick or Treat, when thousands of local children and parents come through the Pacific campus trick or treating at various campus locations, including our biology building.