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Political Science
212 Wendell Phillips Center
Sharon Donahue
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Clubs and Societies

Pacific’s Political Science majors are involved in nearly every aspect of the university’s life. In addition to participating in student government and groups like the Black Student Union, the College Democrats and the College Republicans, Political Science majors can be found at the core of Pacific’s nationally ranked Speech and Debate Team and on many of its athletics teams.

Political Science Organizations

Pacific Political Science Association
Political Science majors started the Pacific Political Science Association (PPSA) as a way for students, faculty, alumni and staff to plan activities to encourage greater understanding of politics and government and to encourage political participation. PPSA also sponsors social events to promote a spirit of community and fun among Pacific’s political scientists.

Phi Alpha Delta
Many Political Science students are members of Pacific’s pre-law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta. The fundamental objective of P.A.D.'s Pre-Law Program is to assist undergraduate students to make an "informed choice" in selecting law as a career, deciding which law school to attend, and in preparing for the rigors of law school. Pacific’s chapter presents a number of programs designed to help students explore their interest in attending law school and to prepare for law school admission.