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Sample Documents for Faculty

Below are samples of some of the common documents you may receive from our office:

Autism Fast Facts for Faculty - The first page of this document is normally personalized based on the student's perception of challenges experienced as a result having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.   The subsequent pages contain helpful strategies for teaching students on the spectrum.

Request for Note Taker - This document is sent to faculty when a student enrolled in their course requires the assistance of a peer note taker.

Sample Accommodation Letter - This document is sent to faculty when students are approved for academic accommodations.   Detailed information about the accommodations are included in the accommodation letter.

Sample Test Proctoring Envelope Form - This form is attached to the test proctoring envelope.  Students should pick up a test proctoring envelope from SSD and give it to their professor at least three business day prior to their scheduled exam.   Professors complete Section B of the form and return it to SSD with the exam.