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Fund-Raising Policy

Student groups on campus frequently hold fund-raisers or donation drives for their various causes. These events are not to be referred to as a raffle or chance, as that would be considered gambling. The Tiger Lore explicitly states that "Money-raising activities, such as the distribution of tickets and drawing for prizes, may only be held on campus if the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement has a written statement of approval from the Office of the District Attorney…".

Therefore, each fund-raiser/donation drive ticket must have some value received for the purchaser. An example would be a $1.00 off on a food item from a pizza establishment; it is not just a chance taken on a prize, but the purchaser will actually receive some value for his/her investment.

Although it is legal for these groups to sell tickets, it should be noted that if a person requests a ticket and does not wish to pay for the ticket, the seller must give the person the ticket. If the seller refuses, it becomes a wager (gambling) and not a gift (donation). The public does not have to be informed that they are entitled to a ticket at no cost.