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Special Events Procedure

Special events range from athletic/competitive activities to dances or speakers. All of these events are important to students, faculty and staff to expand educational opportunities and help build community on campus.

Special events which are large, will attract off-campus participation and have the potential for high risk and/or disruptive behavior are subject to specific guidelines. The Scheduling Coordinator, in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety and the sponsoring organization will determine which of the following procedure apply:

  • Attendees to a dance, party or other similar special event must show a college I.D. or proof of age of 18 years or older.
  • Events larger than 100 require public safety and or event security officers.
  • If an attendee leaves the event, for which an admission is charged, she/he must pay to return and will be subject to any search which is being conducted on attendees.
  • All special events are subject to Public Safety standards. These guidelines are available through the Scheduling Coordinator