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Vision & Mission Statement of PacWell:

PacWell, Pacific's wellness initiative, activates whole student learning and supports student thriving by engaging the Pacific community through wellness outreach, programs, and active learning opportunities. By focusing on spiritual, academic, social, emotional, environmental, occupational, physical, and financial wellness, PacWell contributes to enhanced opportunities for student involvement while at Pacific and also equips alumni for post-graduation success.

PacWell creates a culture of wellness at Pacific by:

  • Focusing on proactive approaches to prevention and awareness;
  • Making all aspects of health transparent, visible, and accessible to community members as learners;
  • Offering a wide variety of purposeful -passive and active - learning opportunities through curricular and co-curricular venues;
  • Collaborating with credentialed experts and experts of interest and experience in each of the dimensions to ensure diversity of thought in approaches and alternatives for engaging in personal wellness;
  • Integrating personal wellness learning goals in each of the eight wellness dimensions in approaches to student leadership development, retention, and success