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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Pacific in Other Places on the Web

The University has an official Flickr group, several different Facebook groups, a Twitter account, and many other ways to keep in touch with students, graduates, employees, faculty, supporters and the surrounding community. The number of sites seems to grow with each passing day as students, faculty and staff continue to create new content on the World Wide Web.


Pacific's Facebook community has dozens of groups. Among them are:



LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals who want to keep in touch:



There are several blogs with strong Pacific connections to them, including:

University of the Pacific Library News. This blog is maintained by Pacific's Library staff to discuss changes at the library as well as the latest issues being discussed by librarians around the world.

Political Science at Pacific. This is a blog maintained by the Political Science Department in the College of the Pacific, the University's liberal arts school.

Food historian and Pacific Professor Ken Albala has a popular blog about his experiments with food.

Jeff Michael, the director of the Eberhardt Business Forecasting Center, keeps a blog on economic stories and trends that interest him.



Twitter is known as a Microblog, where users can send links and updates using 140 characters or less. The updates can then be fed to a Web page or a cell phone.

UOPacific. This is University of the Pacific's official Twitter Channel.

COPacific: Twitter Channel for College of the Pacific, the largest and oldest school at the University.

PacificAlumni: The Alumni Association's Twitter account.

Dugoni_Dental: The Twitter Channel for the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

PacificMcGeorge: Twitter Channel for Pacific McGeorge School of Law.

AdmitMcG: Twitter Channel for the admissions office at Pacific McGeorge School of Law.

EberhardtSchool: Twitter Channel for the Eberhardt School of Business

Pacific_Hoops: Twitter Channel for our basketball teams.

Powercat: Official Twitter Channel for the Powercat

GoGreekPacific: Twitter channel for office of Greek life.

PacificRec: Pacific Recreation on the Stockton Campus.

UOPCSC: The Ceramics Club.

Pacific_Police: Twitter Channel for our police department. We are one of only two private universities in California to have a fully-trained police department with the authority to do investigations and make arrests. The other university is Stanford.

MusicatPacific: Twitter account for the Conservatory of Music.

PacificCommDept: The Twitter Channel for the Department of Communications.

PacificLibrary: Twitter for Pacific's Stockton library.

PacificPoliSci: Pacific's Political Science Department in The College of the Pacific

ASUOPAE: Associated Students arts & entertainment updates about student events, such as concerts, movies and "Tiger Nights."

ASUOPACIFIC: Associated Student Body

Familybizinfo: The Eberhardt School of Business' Institute for Family Business. This is run by director Peter Johnson.

PacificWebDept: Twitter Channel for Pacific's Web Manager.

ThePacifican: University of the Pacific's Student-Run Newspaper

BAaTPACIFIC: Twitter for Pacific's Bon Apetit dining services

PacificRGS: Pacific's Graduate Research Program

PacificBaseball: Official Twitter feed for the Tigers baseball team

DeRosaCenter: Twitter feed for the staff at the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center

The Brubeck Institute: Find out the latest concert dates and events

Campus Personalities:

PacificPres: President Pamela A. Eibeck's Twitter feed.

Astro_Jose: Twitter Channel for astronaut Jose Hernandez, a graduate of the School of Engineering and Computer Science and a current regent.

RRojo: Twitter Channel for Richard Rojo, head of Pacific's Marketing and University Communication's Department.

BKlunk: Twitter Channel for Dr. Brian Klunk, chair of the Political Science Department.

EBelcher: Twitter Channel for our police chief.

PatFerrillo: Dean of the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry and interim Provost for the University.

ArleneBrown: Events Coordinator for the Associated Students of University of the Pacific.

EdSprague: Pacific's head baseball coach.

PacificMensBB: The official Twitter channel for the Men's Baseketball Team

PacificCard: The official Twitter channel for Pacific's Pacificcard (official ID card) office.

Pacificsoftball: The official Twitter channel for the softball team.

PacificPaHSAlum: Twitter account for alumni from the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences



The University has an official Flickr Group that includes photos taken by Pacific's staff, students, employees and visitors. If you have a photo that shows an event or location related to the University, feel free to add it to the Flickr Group. Flickr accounts are free and the group is open to everyone.


Each of Pacific's schools has its own YouTube account, and all the accounts are tied together through Pacific's main YouTube Page. There videos made by students, professors, employees or made for Pacific by professional firms can be found.


Foursquare is a popular location notification service that only recently has started to grow in the Central Valley. It is much more popular in larger cities like Sacramento and San Francisco, as it helps friends let other friends know what restaurants or nightclubs they are at. At Pacific's three campuses, many popular spots and buildings have been "marked" in Foursquare by students who want to let their room mates and friends know where they are. Recently, Pacific started its own Foursquare page. Head over there and follow us now.


SecondLife is a virtual online world where players can interact, exchange information and view information put in the "virtual" world by other users. Pacific has a campus in the virtual world. If you have a Second Life account (www.secondlife.com), you can visit the virtual University of Pacific campus at http://slurl.com/secondlife/U%20Pacific/219/136/23/. Visit Prof. Kenneth Day's Virtual Pacific Site for more information on Pacific in Second Life.


Pacific has its own channel in iTunes. It's part of the iTunes University section of the popular MP3 and video service. Earlier this year, the site was moved to the front page of Apple's iTunes University home page because of the high amount of traffic and wide-variety of quality videos and podcasts available there. You must have iTunes installed in your computer to view the site. ITunes is available through Apple.com and is free.