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Multicultural Affairs

Established in 1995, Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to the creation and sustainability of a culturally inclusive community across and within the boundaries of culture, sexual orientation, gender, and other social identities. In service to and in partnership with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other friends, the Multicultural Affairs offers programs, services, and sponsorships such as cultural heritage month observances, diversity leadership retreats, and intercultural trainings that meet the educational and cultural needs of all members of the Pacific community.

Multicultural Affairs oversees the Multicultural Center and the Pride Resource Center. The Multicultural Center is also home to the Women's Resource Center.

Mission Statement
Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to the creation and sustainability of a culturally inclusive community at Pacific. The department aims to provide enriching educational opportunities toward understanding and integrating intercultural dialogue, conflict management, and identity development that advanace student success and community engagement.

Vision Statement:
The Department will serve to educate and inspire global awareness of diversity and social justice in order to build an inclusive campus community and foster identity-conscious academic success.

Through insightful and engaging educational opportunities, the Department will focus on student success and community support through raising capacity for intercultural dialogue and holistic understanding of one's own identities. The foundational values of the Department are:

  • Diversity and Inclusion - A commitment toward recognizing the differences that exist amongst our community and ensuring the representation of every voice
  • Social Justice - An understanding that the work of intercultural dialogue and conflict-resolution is a continual process that requires the input of our community
  • Leadership and Civic Engagement - Inspiring students to develop their capacity as chance-makers for the betterment of their communities
  • Intercultural Understanding - Building compassion and understanding through intercultural engagement
  • Advocacy - Providing support for the voice of students, staff, and faculty in order to create a more inclusive campus

Overarching Learning Outcomes:
As a result of participation in Multicultural Center trainings, initiatives, and programs, the Pacific community members and guests will:
• Acquire and articulate knowledge about diverse groups and cultures;
• Gain greater cognitive and social development derived from experiences in diverse learning environments;
• Enhance their sense of ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, gender and other social identities.