University Libraries is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Here are some examples of our DEI-related initiatives.

Rainbow Reading Room
DEI-related initiatives
Bias & Antiracism Guide

This guide provides resources, including ebooks, print books, online videos, podcasts, organizations, and campus resources on bias and racism in our country.

DEI-related initiatives
DEI in the Library Collection

In Spring 2021, the Stockton Campus Library conducted a diversity, equity and inclusion audit of the book collection with the assistance of eight student interns. We were awarded a $10,000 grant by the University Committee for DEI to purchase ebooks and have secured funds to annually increase the number of DEI titles in the collection.

A circle display in the rainbow reading room

Muir Experience

University Libraries collaborated with Pacific students, staff, and faculty to develop the concept and content in the Stockton campus library’s Muir Experience to assure that it is designed to teach about both Muir’s work on the environment and his views on race.

Multi-Faith Meditation and Prayer Area

The Multi-Faith Meditation and Prayer Area on the second floor of the Stockton Campus Library was established in memory of civil rights activist and Pacific Alumnus George Houser ‘34. It provides a quiet space for the campus community of all faiths to pray, reflect, and meditate. In addition, an ablution station is located on the southeast area of the second floor.

Rainbow room entry
DEI-related initiatives
Rainbow Resource and Study Room

Located on the second floor of the Stockton Campus Library, the Rainbow Reading Resource and Study Room features a leisure reading collection of LGBTQ award-winning literature.