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business students

Accounting - MAcc

This graduate program is designed to prepare students for licensure as Certified Public Accountants under California's education rules. We are proud of our 100% placement rate within three months of graduation.
student using stethoscope on athlete

Athletic Training - MS

Pacific’s athletic training program will prepare you to become a highly qualified health care professional who collaborates with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation for athletic and patients, and pass the national certification examination.
audiology professor and students in lab

Audiology - AuD

Pacific's doctor of audiology program is the only three-year accelerated program in California. In the program, students gain rich and diverse clinical experiences through the onsite audiology clinic in San Francisco, nearby medical and audiology centers as well as the audiology clinic in Stockton.
psychology student

Behavioral Psychology - MA

You can work toward a Master of Arts degree in behavioral psychology, emphasizing either applied behavior analysis or doctoral preparation in behavior analysis, behavioral psychology or related fields. The goal is to train you to be a researchers or clinician using a scientist-practitioner model.
biology student

Biological Sciences - MS

Our master's degree program in biological sciences provides you with a broad background in the biological sciences that serves as preparation for entry into PhD degree programs, employment in the biotechnology industry and environmental-monitoring agencies as well as teaching positions at the high school and community college levels.
Eberhardt Students in Class

Business Analytics - MS

This new STEM-designated graduate program is open to students with any bachelor’s degree. It is a 9-month hybrid program blending online learning with on-campus evening classes. You will gain skills and knowledge essential to become a successful leader of data-informed business strategy.
Mary Zeidan and Ca-Eun Sung, clinical nutrition, photographed at the McGeorge School of Law student center in Sacramento on November 20, 2020

Clinical Nutrition - MS

Pacific is offering an entry-level master's degree in clinical nutrition at the Sacramento Campus and is open to students with a bachelor’s degree or higher, with or without academic and career experience in nutrition and dietetics. Pacific’s program prepares students to learn the critical thinking and scientific skills needed to be a clinical dietetic practitioner.

Communication - MA

The Department of Communication offers graduate-level instruction leading toward the Master of Arts degree. This program combines training in communication theory, methodology and practice. It is intended for students who want to develop the knowledge and skills to solve work-related communication problems and for those who intend to enter doctoral programs.

Students working in a computer lab

Computer Science - MS

The new Master of Science in Computer Science degree program is built on a 96-year foundation of engineering and computer science at University of the Pacific.
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Data Science - MS

Pacific's data science program equips you for the exciting field of data science. This STEM-designated program uses a hybrid approach to learning, with most courses requiring attendance both in-person and online.
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Dentistry - DDS

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry is the only dental school in the US where you can complete a four-year curriculum in just three years. This degree combines outstanding clinical training and a humanistic model of education which stresses the dignity of each individual and their value as a person. You will acquire skills and knowledge necessary for "practice-ready" dental professionals trained for a rewarding career.
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Education, Counseling Psychology - MAEd, LPCC

Our MA in Counseling Psychology provides a foundation in counseling skills for those who wish to enter mental health fields. The program is grounded in experiential learning and helps students become thoughtful, self-reflective practitioners, researchers, and leaders. We also offer an increased competence in serving a culturally diverse society and teach you how to think critically and strategically, so students will be able to meet the diverse needs of the community they serve.
education students work together in the classroom

Education, Counseling Psychology - EdD

Our Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology is designed for those who wish to pursue a career as mental health practitioner or who want to apply developmental theory to design programs that emphasize the prevention and promotion of mental health and academic success for all learners. Experts in the field of educational psychology help children learn in safe, healthy and supportive environments.
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Education, Teaching - MA, Credential

Get hands-on preparation whether moving into a new teaching career or serving as an intern teacher with our Master of Arts in Education with concentration in Teaching and credential.
dental school

Endodontology - MS, Certificate

This rigorous 27-month program is designed to provide in-depth clinical training built on a solid foundation of biomedical science. You will receive training from expert faculty spanning all areas of contemporary endodontic therapy.

Engineering Science - MS

The Master of Science in Engineering Science (MSES) at Pacific is designed to strengthen your technical, analytical and professional breadth and depth. You complete a set of core courses that cover broader subjects of research and analysis. There is a blended program option if you are a current undergraduate student.
Eberhardt Student working on a laptop

Finance - MS

This one-year degree offers the perfect blend of finance theory and application. You will gain experience through managing a $3.5 million Student Investment Fund, in addition to required internships and an optional study abroad. Courses are simultaneously in-person and online providing flexibility for working professionals.
students working in a dental lab

General Dentist Educator, ME (International Students)

The clinical residency and graduate program for international dentists is a dual-track program consisting of clinical and didactic education.

General Dentistry Residency - Certificate

This is a one-year, accredited postgraduate residency in general dentistry with an optional second year. The residents receive advanced training and clinical experience while providing comprehensive dental care in underserved communities.
Health, Exercise and Sport Science students perform cardiac stress tests

Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences - MA

The graduate program in Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences focuses on how physical activity and sports contribute to the quality of life.
Innovative Education in the Health Professions student

Innovative Education in Health Professions - MAEd

Master of Arts in Education, with a concentration in Innovative Education in Health Professions (IEHP) is designed to prepare experts in their field to become creative and effective educators.
dugoni students in a dental clinic

International Dental Studies - DDS

This program allows qualified, foreign-trained dentists to gain skills and knowledge necessary to obtain the professional dental license to practice in the United States. It is a 2-year accelerated program consisting of both academic and clinical training.

Juridical Science - JSD

McGeorge offers the JSD degree in two areas: international water resources law and international legal studies. A JSD, or Doctor of Juridical Science is, effectively, legal education's counterpart to the PhD.
law professor teaches a class

Law - MS

McGeorge offers the innovative and versatile Master of Science in Law to professionals who seek the benefits of advanced training in legal reasoning and analysis but who do not require the JD degree for their career plans. The degree is ideal for business executives, entrepreneurs, policymakers, human resource and other professionals in today's economy.
the entry area to the legal studies center

Law - JD

A juris doctor degree from McGeorge School of Law is a gateway to dozens of legal career opportunities. Our program gives you opportunities to apply legal theory to practice and develop lawyering skills. We offer real-world electives to immerse you in lawyer-like settings with active hands-on methods of instruction to integrate legal theory with professional skills.
students attend class at McGeorge School of Law

U.S. Law & Policy - LLM

McGeorge offers advanced graduate law programs focusing on U.S. law and policy to both U.S. and foreign-trained attorneys. Our international law program is consistently ranked by U.S. News World Report as one of the top 20 international law programs in the U.S.
EDLI program

Leadership & Innovation - EdD

Our Doctorate in Education, Leadership and Innovation program was made for innovators and creators in their fields. Our programs offer a unique and transformative experience for practitioners interested in the study and practice of learning, leadership, and change. Our students focus on a system and innovation perspective to make real and lasting changes in our learning system.
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Leadership, Leading for Social Impact - MA

The program will develop skills and perspectives to enact ethical and sustainable change in one's community, organization or beyond.
faculty and students talking at the McGeorge House


The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Pacific McGeorge School of Law prepares students to capably manage the public sector processes and effectively implement public policy decisions.

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The Master of Public Policy (MPP) at Pacific McGeorge School of Law prepares students to effectively analyze and design public policy. At McGeorge, MPP students:

  • Engage in the leading edge of public policy California is known for
  • Gain valuable work experience from required externships
  • Work with experience professors through Graduate Research Assistantship opportunities
  • Deepen your passion with a concentration tailored to your interests and expertise
Graduate Music Education student

Music Education - MM

Designed for students with an undergraduate degree in music education, the degree offers a core course of study along with numerous electives in music and education providing an individualized program that caters to specific career goals.
Cecia Garcia

Music Therapy - MA

A graduate-level program in music therapy designed for students with an undergraduate degree in music or fields related to music therapy who seek both entry- and advanced-level training in music therapy.

Nursing - ELMSN

University of the Pacific is expanding its health science programs on the Sacramento campus to offer an accelerated graduate nursing degree program.
OT student working with dummy baby

Occupational Therapy - OTD

Occupational therapists help people to engage in the occupations that are personally meaningful to them. At Pacific, occupational therapy academic coursework and fieldwork are integrated into a curriculum that is founded on a biopsychosocial model, which is client-centered and designed to meet the diverse needs of our communities.
Benerd graduate students work together in the classroom

Organizational Learning & Effectiveness - MA

Organizations need innovation more than ever, and you can help bring rapid change that matters with a Master of Arts in Leadership, concentration in Organizational Learning and Effectiveness. This program provides a completely unique learning experience where you will work with others to make organizational changes that keep people at the center.

Orthodontics - MS, Certificate

One of the leading programs in the U.S., it is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and recognized for educational eligibility by the American Board of Orthodontics. The 27-month curriculum combines didactic courses, clinical experience and research.
3D printing in Orthodontics

Orthodontics - MS, Certificate

One of the leading programs in the U.S., it is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and recognized for educational eligibility by the American Board of Orthodontics. The 27-month curriculum combines didactic courses, clinical experience and research.
pharmacy students

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences - MS, PhD

This collaborative program between the School of Pharmacy and the Department of Chemistry will prepare you for a career in the increasingly complex and integrated realms of pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological research. Our unique, student-centered and interdisciplinary approach will meet your individual education goals.
pharmacy student

Pharmacy - PharmD

This program trains pharmacists who are problem-solvers, innovators and leaders. Through experiential learning and peer collaboration, you will gain a skill set and experience that opens doors to the many settings where pharmacists play a key role, from hospitals to pharmaceutical research and development.
Physical Therapy Students

Physical Therapy - DPT

Physical therapists are integral members of the primary care team and are involved in the prevention of disability and promotion of positive health, and act as consultants in restorative care. Pacific’s academic program is enhanced by a variety of innovative clinical experiences and involvement in professional societies.
Students in the Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree program in Sacramento learn the anatomy of lower extremities during a clinical skills session

Physician Assistant - MPAS

In an interprofessional setting, Pacific PA students become proficient in the full array of skills involved in completing medical histories, performing physical examinations, performing clinical skills and procedures, providing treatment and counseling patients.

Public Policy/Administration - MPA, MPP

McGeorge offers the Master of Public Administration and Master of Public Policy degrees to both full-time students and to those earning a professional degree while working. McGeorge has been serving the state, nation and beyond since 1924 and is proud to build on our relationships and reputation to help you advance your public service career.
education students in classroom

School Psychology - EdS

Our Educational Specialist in School Psychology program (EdS), is a graduate-level degree and credential program designed to prepare students for a rewarding career as a school psychologist. Trained in both psychology and education, students will be able to apply your interdisciplinary skill-set to evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs, assess students' learning abilities, and partner with educators, parents, and other mental health professionals to help students reach their full potential.
student talking to woman in wheelchair

Social Work - MSW

The Master of Social Work program prepares students to work in a variety of practices including mental health and aging. The program is designed to prepare students to practice in an increasingly complex health care environment and improve the quality of life for people.
student with child patient

Speech-Language Pathology - MS

Speech-language pathologists work with people of all ages and are prepared to evaluate speech and language problems. Pacific prepares you for lifelong success by providing an excellent student-centered experiential learning experience through clinical practice, scholarly activity, and service to the profession and the community.
students in doctor of education program

Transformative Action in Education - EdD

Our Doctor of Education, Transformative Action in Education program offers a unique experience for educational practitioners interested in the study and practice of transformative leadership. Our students will focus on a critical examination of themselves to understand their role in the education system and are committed to disrupting and rebuilding this system for the better.
business classroom

Transnational Business Practice - LLM

McGeorge offers advanced graduate law programs focusing on transnational business practice to both U.S. and foreign-trained attorneys. Our international law program is consistently ranked by U.S. News World Report as one of the top 20 international law programs in the U.S.

Water & Environmental Law - LLM

McGeorge offers advanced graduate law programs focusing on water and environmental law to both U.S. and foreign-trained attorneys. Our international law program is consistently ranked by U.S. News World Report as one of the top 20 international law programs in the U.S.