All student academic support services are available for all students! Tutoring, Math Hub, Bio Hub, writing support, and research consultations are available. Appointments may be scheduled online. General questions about student academic support services may also be sent to

Get help from an academic support librarian! We can help you choose a research topic, search library and web resources, evaluate sources, as well as manage and cite your sources.

The General Academic Tutoring Center (GATC) offers free tutoring in a variety of subjects to undergraduate students on the Stockton campus. GATC tutors are sophomores, juniors, seniors, or graduate students who have succeeded academically with a B+ or better in the class they are tutoring or have been recommended by their Professors. 

Student-Athlete Services provides the necessary resources to assist student-athletes in reaching their full potential academically, athletically, personally, and professionally. 

Math Hub provides drop-in math tutoring for students in MATH 4 through MATH 53 (calculus series); MATH 35 and MATH 37 (statistics). Bio Hub provides drop-in assistance for BIOL 51 and BIOL 61.

The Writing Center provides writing support for undergraduate and graduate students of all skill levels at any stage in the process for assignments in any discipline. The Writing Center offers an inviting, non-judgmental space where peer mentors and student writers build collaborative learning relationships based on fostering student self-efficacy, honoring student agency, and developing transferable writing skills. The Stockton and Sacramento Campus locations offer in-person writing tutoring appointments and online appointments offer remote access to services for students on all three campuses.