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Marketing major Megan Nishimura ’25 shares insights from public relations internship

Before heading back to Pacific this June for summer classes and volleyball training, marketing management student Megan Nishimura ’25 spent a month interning for Becker Communications, a public relations agency in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

She tells us all about her experience, from networking with industry professionals to conducting marketing research. Plus, Megan shares her tips for making a great first impression and getting the most out your internship.   

What I did at my internship

My internship was with Becker Communications. They are a leading public relations agency in Honolulu, Hawaii that specializes in public relations, marketing, advertising, digital communications and social media.  

A normal day for me in the internship started at 9 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m. I was given a desktop computer and access to their company server, so the bulk of my work took place at my desk. My main role was to assist one of their public relations account coordinators with whatever tasks she needed help completing.  

I drafted blog posts, media advisories and e-newsletter features and helped with marketing research. My favorite assignment was researching new possible logo items for a golf tournament one of their clients was hosting. 

I expected to do a lot more of the dirty work, like printing copies or going on coffee runs, so it was not what I was expecting. The experience was a lot better than how I imagined it would go. I was given legitimate tasks and had to learn a lot along the way, as I had no prior experience in marketing or working in general. 

How I prepared for the opportunity

I strongly believe that my experiences at Pacific helped prepare me for my internship. Despite only completing one year of college, I’ve learned so much and acquired many skills that helped me find success.  

Many of my professors at UOP challenged me to think outside of the box and helped me find joy and success in learning in new environments. I learned the importance of independence, teamwork and responsibility, which translated over to the internship. 

What I learned through the experience

My favorite part of the internship was having meaningful, one-on-one conversations with some of their employees. I asked them questions and learned about their experiences in the field, previous jobs they held and what led them to join Becker Communications.  

I talked to people who worked in marketing, public relations and digital communications. These are all fields I am interested in, so it helped me gain a better sense of what the job entails and paths I can take to get there. Many of the biggest takeaways I learned from the internship with Becker happened during those conversations I had with their employees.  

I learned that it is important to try different types of jobs and roles and make the most of new opportunities. New experiences can spark passion and introduce you to something out of your comfort zone.  

It’s also important to be personable and to be accepting of constantly learning. Marketing is changing, and you have to be willing to learn the new methods and techniques that are introduced over time. 

My advice for future interns 

One of the biggest pieces of advice I would give to other students about how to make the most of their internship is to ask questions and to not be afraid of rejection.  

This includes asking employees if they want to have lunch so you chat about their experiences without disturbing their work time. Or asking team members if they need help with anything without them having to ask you first.  

You want to leave the internship with a good impression because connections are extremely important, especially in the business world.  

Want to learn more about what Pacific students are up to this summer? Keep an eye on People of Pacific this summer for more internship diaries! 

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