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Services for Students with Disabilities is here to support your success at Pacific

Disabilities are wide-ranging and come in a variety of forms, from physical to behavioral and emotional. They can also be permanent or temporary. No matter your situation, Pacific’s Services for Students with Disabilities can provide support and accommodation to help you have the best possible college experience.  

Here’s how you can connect with SSD to find support at Pacific.   

Reach out early 

SSD Director Daniel Nuss encourages incoming Pacific students reach out to the office early, even before you transition from high school to college. This way, you’ll have time to gather any paperwork or documentation that might be needed to get registered with SSD.  

“Reaching out early is also a chance to ask questions about what type of services are available, and then actually go through the process and get approved for those accommodations in advance of classes starting,” said Nuss.  

Provide documentation 

When you meet with an SSD staff member, Nuss recommends bringing any documentation you might have that specifically addresses your needs. This documentation is usually in the form of a letter from your medical provider that includes your diagnosis and the impact or limitations of your condition.  

For example, if you need an ADA accessible room, bring documentation from your doctor that details your condition and disability-related needs in a housing environment. 

“It gives us a clear picture about the overall need,” said Nuss. “They might also include recommendations for what accommodations might be required and concerns about what could happen if a need is not met.”  

If you don’t already have documentation, SSD can explain what is needed during your initial meeting after learning more about your circumstances and needs. That way, you’ll have time to work with a medical provider to get documentation and bring it back to SSD before classes start. 

“We’ll help you through the process,” said Nuss. “We can’t diagnose or evaluate in the office, but we can certainly help you understand what resources are out there, either on campus or in the community to support you.”  

Stay connected  

Even after getting registered with SSD, Nuss says students should always feel comfortable reaching out at any point they face challenges or have a need throughout their college journey.  

“Students can communicate with an SSD staff member in person, by Zoom or over the phone — whatever they feel most comfortable with,” said Nuss. “We’re here to help.”  

Steps to register with SSD 

To register with SSD for the first time, follow this link: First Time Registration. It will redirect to our Student Portal and have you login with your Pacific SSO credentials. 

Once logged in, you can fill out your profile, add requested accommodations and upload any verification documentation you have.  

You can also watch this quick video walkthrough for more tips on registration. 

The SSD office is open all summer during regular business hours, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The office is located on the second floor of the McCaffrey Center in Room 229. Families can contact the office at 209.946.3221 or to schedule an in-person or virtual visit.  

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