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From classroom to career: Eberhardt School of Business alumna Sidnee Schaefer speaks on Pacific’s impact

Sidnee Schaefer ’10, a graduate of Pacific’s Eberhardt School of Business, found her calling to be a marketer during her international marketing class with Professor Sacha M. Joseph-Mathews. “I loved international marketing…this class made me realize I wanted to be a marketer.” 

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Sidnee graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business administration, marketing degree. Today, she is the CEO and Founder at Schaefer Digital where she leads business operations, providing digital advertising, conversion rate optimization and strategic consulting services.

She also has ensured the delivery of customized marketing solutions to a wide range of clients, including Meatworks, Englander, Hubble Contacts, School of Rock, Family Works, Yoga Pod, Handled and Fitness One.

“I love what I’m doing now and couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” said Sidnee. “The ever-evolving nature of marketing, especially with its increasing reliance on technology and AI, is what continuously fuels my interest. The necessity to stay current with these changes means that every day brings new learning opportunities, and working at an agency adds the diversity of multiple work streams, ensuring that no two days are ever the same.”  

Sidnee’s post-graduate journey

Sidnee made the most out of the season between her undergraduate and graduate studies, focusing her efforts on gaining valuable on-the-job experience.  

“I secured a position as a brand marketing intern at Zappos from January 2011 to August 2011, a role I landed following an informational interview with their head of brand marketing,” she said. 

This opportunity arose from the advice of Margaret Roberts, former director of the Eberhardt Career Management Center at the University of the Pacific. 

In addition to the role at Zappos, Sidnee’s post-undergraduate experience included marketing internships at Intel and R2Integrated.  

“These opportunities were crucial stepping stones that led me to my current position at Schaefer. I attribute a significant part of this trajectory to the career course I took at Pacific with Margaret Roberts. The course’s rigorous preparation meant that my resume was consistently polished and effective, setting me apart in the competitive job market. I entered graduate school with a solid foundation and practical experience that many of my peers were just beginning to seek out.” 

After graduating from Pacific, Sidnee returned to school at Willamette University where she earned her Master in Business Administration, concentrating in marketing. With a master’s degree added to her tool belt, she gained further experience in positions at Fluke Corporation, RevUnit, Zappos and UPBrand.  

Finding purpose in digital marketing

“My passion for digital marketing began during my first role in the field,” said Sidnee. “It was then that I realized this was more than just a job; it was what I wanted to dedicate my life to. The opportunity to start Schaefer emerged from the relationships I had carefully built early in my career.”  

Sidnee’s personal goals and professional ambitions have aligned with her vision for Schaefer. “My aim is to maintain Schaefer’s year-over-year double revenue growth, while upholding our status as a self-funded entity. Achieving seven-figure revenue this year without external investors has also been a milestone I am extremely proud of.” 

Looking towards the future, what excites Sidnee the most is the growth of their team and Schaefer’s expanding capabilities. “Starting Schaefer as a solo endeavor meant I was the company. Now, witnessing its evolution with a robust team supporting and driving it forward is not just rewarding—it’s thrilling. It’s this journey of transformation and growth that I eagerly look forward to as we continue to build Schaefer’s legacy.” 

Advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs

We asked Sidnee what advice she has for students who may be interested in pursuing this same path.  

“Embarking on a journey in entrepreneurship is a path filled with both challenges and triumphs. It’s crucial to be prepared for the unpredictable nature of this field, embracing the uncertainties and high risks that come along. Remember, the potential rewards can be immensely fulfilling, but it demands resilience and the ability to wear multiple hats.” 

For those undergrads curious about whether this path aligns with their passions, Sidnee recommends researching the field, taking an internship or part-time role, and starting with a small, independent hands-on project, like creating your own website. “This not only enhances your resume but also provides invaluable insights into the industry,” Sidnee said.

As an entrepreneur, Sidnee mentioned to be prepared for a commitment that extends beyond the typical 9-5 schedule. “Your venture or career will often occupy your thoughts from dawn until dusk. But, if you find joy and passion in what you do, this constant engagement becomes a rewarding aspect of your professional journey. So, my advice is to pursue what you love with dedication and an open mind to learning and growing.” 

Reflecting on University of the Pacific’s longstanding impact

One of Sidnee’s most significant takeaways from her time at Pacific was the invaluable knowledge and skills gained from career support and mentorship offered by Pacific faculty and staff. 

“These classes provided me with a foundation in areas like resume writing and interviewing techniques. These skills have proven to be incredibly beneficial throughout my career, especially in running my own business and building effective teams. The practical insights and strategies I learned have not only enhanced my personal professional capabilities but have also been instrumental in shaping the way I approach team development and talent acquisition in my company,” she said.  

“Pacific played a pivotal role in molding me into the leader I am today. The invaluable lessons from Margaret Roberts’ career course, combined with the insights gained in my marketing classes, contributed significantly to my personal and professional development. My time at Pacific was irreplaceable, deeply enriching my life and career. Pacific holds a special place in my heart.” 

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