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Exploring Stockton’s community-driven Yosemite Street

A five-minute drive south of Pacific’s campus will take you to a charming street full of quirky and unique shops. Yosemite Street Village is home to a variety of mom-and-pop stores. You can indulge in central-Texas style barbeque at Smoke & Meat BBQ or get a sweat in at Tibon’s Goju Ryu martial arts class. I visited Yosemite Street to check out a few of these hidden gems: 

Coffee run at Terra Coffee

Ube-flavored treats are my weakness, so when I saw that Terra Coffee offered an ube latte, I had to order it. The drink was the definition of aesthetic with swirly latte art and a pretty purple color from the house made-ube syrup. Its flavor reminded me of vanilla but with a nuttier profile.  

The shop itself was artsy and hipster with a wide variety of art adorning the walls. Terra also offers food made in-house and treats from local bakers in Stockton. It is the cool hipster cousin in Stockton’s top-notch coffee shop family. Unsurprisingly, they were voted No. 1 coffee shop in San Joaquin County in 2022 and 2023. 

Terra Coffee also hosts open mic poetry readings, drag shows and more! You can follow the shop on Instagram @terracoffee209 to stay up to date on future events and monthly drink specials. 

Good vibes at Yosemite Street Music

Yosemite Street Music is an oasis for all lovers of music! The whole arrangement is a musician’s dream. Walls are lined with guitars of all shapes and colors, and drum sets adorn the floors. Soft rock or jazz is playing in the background as you wander around and marvel at the different musical instruments. Here you can buy, sell, trade and repair instruments.  

Inspired by NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, owner, Chad Dorado, is creating a similar set up for local musicians and bands to perform and record their work. More information is to come, but it is a great opportunity to create fun content just a few minutes away from campus. 

They will also host outdoor concerts over the summer for the whole community to enjoy. So, whether you make music or simply enjoy listening to it, check out Yosemite Street Music for all your musical needs! You can follow them on Instagram @yosemitestreetmusic for new product updates, sales and events. 

Twilight Flow yoga session at The Catalyst

The Catalyst is an arts and wellness studio dedicated to serving the community. It offers various classes and workshops, ranging from theater to meditation. The space can also be rented out for meetings, community events or art exhibitions. 

I participated in a Twilight Flow yoga class with Jenna Lipkin. It was the perfect end to a long and tiring school day. As we transitioned through the poses, I could feel the tension and worry in my body subsiding. The sessions are very affordable at $15 an hour, and you can purchase value packs at a discounted rate too.  

The Catalyst also offers drawing classes on Wednesday evenings. If you need a mid-week pick-me-up, this is a great bonding activity to do with your roommates and friends. And it’s FREE, so it’s perfect for that college budget 😉 If drawing is not your thing, you can also be their muse and go home with free portraits of yourself. Complimentary drinks are provided for those 21 and older. Reach out to The Catalyst for more information.  

All classes (including yoga) can be booked online and ahead of time through its website. You can also follow The Catalyst on Instagram @catalyst926 for information on upcoming events. 

Merchants and neighbors of the village are committed to revitalizing and growing the community. The people are friendly and genuine, and it truly feels like everyone knows everyone. I encourage you to head over to Yosemite Street Village and check out all that it has to offer.  

Additionally, Yosemite Street Village hosts community-wide events like block parties, tree planting and neighborhood clean ups. You can follow it on Instagram @yosemitestreetvillage to stay connected!  

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