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Dates and Terms

The internship at University of Pacific, Counseling and Psychological Services provides a full-time, one year, paid internship.This internship is a 12-month commitment. The internship year begins August 1 and ends July 31. Interns typically reserve their vacation time and use it for the last two weeks of July.

Interns are scheduled 40 hours a week from 8am-5pm. However due to the nature of college counseling and university work, there may be times when you will need to work more than the traditional 40-hour week or participate in after-hours activities such as outreach programs and crisis intervention. This time will count in your total SPE for the year. Interns are expected to acquire a minimum of 1,850 hours in order to successfully complete the internship, however many interns choose to work extra hours to bring their total up to 2,000.