Move. Play. Explore.

Pacific Recreation provides a comprehensive list of programs and services to meet activity, adventure, and well-being needs of our diverse Pacific community. Visit for more information and program registration.


The mission of Pacific Recreation is to facilitate a culture of holistic well-being for the Pacific Community. We define well-being as an optimal and dynamic state that allows people to achieve their full potential.


Our commitment is to provide engaging recreational programs and services that promote life-long education. We will inspire the Pacific Community to move, play, and explore.


Remaining student-driven, Creating meaningful connections, Being inclusive and diverse, Fostering continuous development & Honoring integrity and accountability.

Facilities & Membership

Pacific Recreation facilities include access to two gymnasiums and two outdoor fields. Membership is included for students enrolled in nine units or more during the fall/spring semester. Students registered in summer will also have membership access during the session they are enrolled in.

Baun Fitness Center