Tiger X Group Fitness provides Pacific Recreation members a variety of fitness classes to participate in. Led by experienced, motivating instructors, classes are suitable for all fitness levels. Class options include indoor cycling, Pilates, strength training, yoga and Zumba. 

Yoga and Yin Yoga

Offered as a 45 minute, 60 minute and 75 minute class. Flow into yoga that will harmonize the mind, body, and spirit with sound alignment and breath throughout a series of engaging poses.

Yin Yoga guides you through long-held yin poses, allowing you to deeply relax and release the tension in your body.

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Indoor Cycling

Ride, climb and sprint in this complete workout experience that will keep you sweating on and off the bike.  This is a great class for those trying to incorporate both cardio and strength training into one workout.

Zumba and Zumba Toning

Groove at this dance party designed to unite people with the best Latin music. Routines are repeated to easily learn the moves!

Zumba Toning adds light weights and strength training into Zumba dance routines to define your muscles and kick up your cardio workout.

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pilates at pacific

Strengthen your core and improve your flexibility. This low-impact class combines classic Pilates exercises with functional conditioning moves, using light weights, gliders, balls and bands to help you achieve a total-body workout.


Get ready to sweat, burn and emerge feeling empowered! This class blends high-intensity intervals with targeted muscle toning using free weights, bands and your own bodyweight.

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