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Perks of Pacific

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Here’s a list of stuff Pacific provides for free (or almost free).

New York Times Digital Subscription

Pacific students on the Sacramento, Stockton and San Francisco campuses now have access to a free digital subscription to The New York Times. In November 2019, ASuop senators representing students from across the Stockton campus approved funding from the ASuop budget for a school-wide subscription. 

The subscription offers access to both the newspaper’s website and The New York Times app. It also includes unlimited access to international and domestic news as well as opinion articles,  podcasts and the newspaper’s vast archives. The subscription is offered in numerous languages, making it accessible to anyone.

“With the rising amount of fake news and declining support for the printed newspaper it is imperative now, more than ever that students have 24/7 access to a reliable news source,” said Grant Gagaza, Eberhardt School of Business senator and chair of the Senate’s New York Times ad-hoc committee. 

The New York Times offers campus-wide packages to universities across the United States. The ASuop senators felt that such a partnership was important because one of the most vital factors of our studies as students is our alertness to current events and that if students had to pay for access to news, it would defeat the purpose of the university’s academic environment.

Set up your account: New York Times

Other Free Resources

Alongside the subscription to The New York Times, Pacific has other resources available to its students, which are more valuable than ever during this period of remote learning. 


Kanopy is an on-demand video streaming platform that students can use to stream thousands of films and documentaries across various genres. It can be accessed through the university library’s website, under databases. 

When you click on Kanopy, you will be redirected to its website with access through Pacific. You will then be asked to create an account using your Pacific email. After that, you will have free access to all that the platform has to offer. 

Learn more: Kanopy


Amazon offers reduced Prime memberships to university students. As a student, you have a free six-month trial, after which you pay a $59 annual fee, versus the regular $119 fee. Students are able to access this benefit with their university email for up to four years. 

Set up your reduced membership: Amazon Prime


The university also offers free access to the largest research databases in the world, JSTOR. It is free through the university and can easily be accessed through the library’s homepage. When you enter your name and student ID, you will be redirected to the JSTOR homepage. 

Access database here: JSTOR


Pacific students also have free access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can download the Microsoft package on up to five computers and five mobile devices. Accessing this download is simple.

Download your package: Microsoft

Career Services For Life

Pacific’s Academic Advising and Career Services Center offers free career services to its students which include cover letter and resume building, interviews as well as a career closet for professional attire. 

Students can make virtual appointments with career advisers if they would like help building a strong resume for job applications and graduate school. 

The center also offers assessments that can help you focus your passions into a possible career path, as well as mock interviews that can give you an upper hand in the competitive job market.

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