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11 Questions with Iris Huang

Last week, People of Pacific sat down with computer science major Iris Huang and interviewed her about her Cooperative Education experience at NVIDIA. We also took that opportunity to ask her some rapid-fire questions about her Pacific experience. Stay tuned for more rapid-fire content from students, faculty and staff!

Q: What did your best friend major in?

A: Biochemistry and business.

Q: Favorite building on campus?

A: John T. Chambers Technology Center… of course. 

Q: Hardest exam you’ve ever taken. 

A: Calculus 2

Q: Favorite place to eat on campus. 

A: The Lair for the guilty pleasure and late-night snacks.

Q: How many students were in your largest class. 

A: 22 

Q: What’s the latest you stayed up preparing for a test?

A: 1 a.m.

Q: Best place to eat off-campus?  

A: Seoul Soondubu.

Q: Which class did you learn the most in?

A: Every class. 

Q: Name a staff member who really helped you at Pacific. 

A: My adviser Professor Sepehr.

Q: Favorite spot to hang out on campus?

A: The library.

Q: If you could give advice to a student applying for a CO-OP, what would it be?

A: Have faith, be yourself and let your personality shine. Oh, and before going into the interview do research and know the company.

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