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Here’s what we saw at this summer’s StocktonCon

By Tormod Andersen ‘23, Media X major

If you’re interested in pop culture but don’t want to drive all the way to San Diego for Comic-Con, you’re in luck. Stockton has its own convention that caters to fans of comic books, movies and gaming. And the good news is it’s at Stockton Arena—less than a 10-minute drive from Pacific!

StocktonCon was held Sept. 11-12, and my friend, communication major Sam Tannahill ‘22, and I had to check it out.

Attractions at the most recent convention included celebrity panels with voice actors and WWE stars, cosplay contests, dozens of booths and a “Magic: The Gathering” tournament, as well as video games and tabletop areas for people to play together.

Booths included dizzying arrays of handmade jewelry, art and accessories made by incredibly talented individuals at affordable prices.

The assortment of collectibles was equally impressive: thousands of comic books, limited edition collectibles including POP figurines and signed memorabilia. Some of these comic books were particularly rare, clocking in at well over $20,000 in a few examples—not bad for a $20 entry fee!

The cosplay at the event alone was worth the price admission: faithful recreations of characters from hundreds of famous sources, not to mention a life-size Hulk cosplayer who could barely fit through the door!

StocktonCon is a can’t miss opportunity for anybody interested in any sort of popular culture, with hundreds of friendly people to talk to about any and every interest you could have, and dozens more ready to buy or sell high quality collectibles.

There were plenty of opportunities to meet celebrities from a variety of backgrounds, including famous comic book artists, actors and professionals. StocktonCon is an amazing not-so-hidden gem that is local and worth every penny.

If you missed it this time around, you don’t have to wait long. The next StocktonCon will be this winter, January 2022.

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