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10 questions with electrical engineering major Monica Castillo

Monica Castillo ’21 is an electrical engineering major who lives in Stockton, CA. She transferred to Pacific from a local community college as a math major but decided to change her degree because she thought it would help her have a bigger impact on people’s lives. As a student in the SOECS Cooperative Education program, she interned with the medical device company, Abbott Laboratories, where she got to work on an update to a heart pump for a client in Korea. 

What is your favorite thing to do on campus?  

Just walking around the campus, and also going to soccer games. 

Is there a faculty or staff member at Pacific with whom you’ll stay in touch after you graduate? 

Dr. Elizabeth Basha, I had digital design class with her, and she was also my adviser. 

What is the latest you’ve stayed up to study for a test? 

4 a.m. 

If you have a best friend at Pacific, what’s their major? 

Electrical engineering 

What is your favorite class? 

My favorites are power electronics and automatic control systems.  

What were your hardest classes? 

Advanced circuits and data structures. 

What’s your favorite food on campus? 

Chicken sandwich at the Lair. 

What is your favorite place to study on campus? 

MESA Lounge on the 3rd floor of Khoury Hall. 

What is your favorite thing to do off-campus? 

I just like having fun, so it can be hiking or playing soccer to even traveling. 

What’s one thing about Pacific that you would never want to change?

The diversity and the number of activities they have for everyone. You don’t have to be in clubs to join their activities. It’s pretty cool how open people are here. 

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