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What we learned at Pacific’s Spring 2023 Internship and Job Fair

The Spring Internship and Job Fair allows Pacific students and alumni to speak directly to recruiters from various industries.

Did you get a head start on your career goals by attending the Spring Internship & Job Fair last week? If you did, I hope you had a great experience—and maybe even landed an internship. If you couldn’t make it, no worries! Here’s a recap of the event.

Every year, University of the Pacific hosts its Spring Internship and Job Fair in the DeRosa University Center. In addition to the in-person event on Tuesday, March 28, Career Services also offered a virtual event later in the week for those who could not join in person. Over 70 employers from various industries gathered in the ballroom looking to hire Pacific students and alumni of all majors and school years.

What we learned

Employers hire a diverse range of majors. Lan Phan, a marketing student graduating in 2024, brought resumes with her for employers. “I was surprised to see that companies who seemed to specialize in a certain field were hiring from a variety of majors,” she said. “Blackwing (pencils and tools manufacturer) interested me the most because they were looking for marketing and Media X majors.”

A variety of positions are available. Whether you were looking for a summer internship or a full-time job, there are many different opportunities across all sectors. Some positions are flexible and will accommodate full-time college students.  

Job fairs aren’t exclusively for those seeking work. It’s a great space to network, educate yourself about career options and learn from recruiters in your industry. Economics major Paige Vieira attended to gain insights from employers. “I asked for the characteristics of their best employees,” Paige said. “I learned that the best employees were the individuals who had positive mindsets, worked hard and weren’t afraid to ask their superiors questions.”

Other career events to check out at Pacific

The Internship and Job Fair is not the only career event hosted at Pacific, so don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it this time! There are a variety of opportunities to prepare for your career throughout the school year, like Meet Your Future Mock Interview Week and the Eberhardt School’s Meet the Firms.  

Tanner Johnson, a sports management major and member of Pacific’s men’s soccer team, attended Meet the Firms in the fall. The event opened his eyes to the variety of paths and directions he can go with his major. 

“I realized that there were connections between my major and different companies that were not exactly clear on the surface,” Tanner explained. “I came into the event not really knowing what to expect, but I thought it was a great experience.”

What to do next

Reflect on the event. Did you achieve your initial plan? Whether you attended for the experience or on the hunt for a job, here are steps you can take to ensure you take advantage of all future opportunities and events:

  1. Follow up ASAP. If there is an opening to secure an interview, submit your application as soon as possible. Or if you are just looking to stay in touch, send them an email or LinkedIn message thanking them for their time at the fair.
  2. Research. If this was your first-time hearing about a company, look them up online and learn more about them.
  3. Make an appointment with Career Services through Handshake. Take advantage of this resource (free for Pacific students) for advice on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, job and internship search strategies and more. 
  4. Stay up to date about career events on campus. Check out Pacific Career Services’ website or follow them @uopcareer on Instagram for news and updates.

It is never too early to start thinking about and preparing for your future, so start taking advantage of all the resources Pacific has to offer. I hope to see you at next year’s event!

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