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Graduating seniors share their advice for Pacific students

With graduation around the corner, I decided to catch up with some of our graduating seniors, before they walk, for their advice for incoming students. Here’s what they said:

Keep an open mind

Tyler McIntosh, Bachelor of Science in engineering management – computer science concentration

“For students interested in engineering management, I would recommend keeping an open mind when picking their concentration. This mindset can be applied to all aspects of college. You get exposed to a variety of different organizations, opportunities, people and more. Try new things and even when you settle on a major, don’t think it’s the end-all be-all. Take classes in a different field to broaden your knowledge and expand your skillset.”

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Make the most of your opportunities

Emily Jarrell, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in sports management

College students in front of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC.
Emily Jarrell (far right) at the 2022 SBRNet-Sport Marketing Association Case Study Bowl Competition, Charlotte, NC with her classmates.

“I made sure to attend every trip/opportunity presented to our sport management group. I went to Charlotte, Dallas, Arizona, Las Vegas and Stanford University for competitions and conferences this year. At the SBRnet marketing conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, my team and I presented our marketing case to the Charlotte Hornets. These networking events, the career seminar class and the sport management internship class have prepared me for post-graduation.”

Get to know your professors

Brooke Tran, Bachelor of Arts in English with minors in film studies, sociology and data science

“Pacific has great professors who want you to succeed, and I was fortunate to build great relationships with them. Our meetings outside of the classroom, whether it was getting breakfast at the DUC or coffee at Starbucks, are where we have the best conversations. I can talk about my future or bounce research ideas off them. They’re always very affirming, and our conversations give me confidence that I can make a difference in education policy.”

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Build a strong support system

Alfonso Villalobos III, Bachelor of Science in applied economics with minors in business administration and psychology

“Building good relationships with professors is valuable for incoming students. They can create opportunities to learn, find work and enjoy time with their mentors. It’s equally important to build relationships with peers who allow you to express yourself in a healthy, loving way and vice versa. College is full of highs and lows, so you want a solid support system of friends and mentors to be with you along the way.”

Congratulations, seniors, and best of luck with all future endeavors! And to all incoming Pacific students and parents, let me extend a warm welcome to the Tiger family!

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