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How to get around in Stockton and on campus

Pacific’s campus is very bicycle friendly. There are bike racks outside of every dorm and most classroom buildings.

New to Pacific and wondering how to get around in Stockton? We’ve got you covered! Here are all the ways you can travel to and from campus, with or without your own vehicle.  

Drive your own car (or carpool with friends!) 

While you don’t need your own vehicle to get around in Stockton, bringing a car (or motorcycle) to campus is a reliable way to quickly reach your destination. 

If you decide to bring a vehicle to campus (or if you’re a commuter), you’ll need to purchase a parking permit for the school year. As a student, you can park in B or C lots depending on which permit you buy (look for the orange signs to know which lot you’re in).  

As part of Pacific’s suitability goals, our parking lots are covered by solar canopies, which generate 30% of the energy needs for the Stockton campus. We also offer electric vehicle charging and preferred parking for carpool and low emission vehicles.  

Parking stalls located closer to buildings are only for permitted commuters who carpool or use a low emission vehicle (LEV). These parking stalls are marked by a Dibs and Low Emission Vehicle sign.

Speaking of carpooling, coordinating trips with other students in your residence hall to run errands together is a fun and sustainable option — and a nice way to make new friends! You can learn more about sustainable transportation options here.  

Take public transportation 

If you don’t have a car on campus and can’t catch a ride with a friend, taking the bus is another cost-effective and sustainable option. There’s a bus stop just across the street from campus on the corner of Knoles Way and Pacific Avenue, with a bus arriving every 15 minutes north and southbound. 

The San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD)’s rapid transit bus operates with fewer stops, off-board fare collection and more frequent trips than regular bus services. This makes it a fast, reliable, and convenient way to get around in Stockton.  

If you are in the mood for a weekend getaway and want to explore the Bay Area, take RTD to the Downtown Transit Center. From there, you can take another bus directly to the BART station in Dublin

To access transit information, plan your route and buy tickets across all Stockton transportation hubs, download the Vamos EZ-Hub app.  

Car or ride sharing 

If you’re over 21 and have a valid driver’s license, you borrow an electric car locally through Míocar, an electric vehicle car sharing service.  

To get started, sign up on Míocar’s website and complete the 15-minute orientation. Then, you’ll be able to reserve a vehicle through the Míocar app the next time you need to take a trip! 

Of course, you can also always call Uber or Lyft for a quick trip to the grocery store or other destinations near campus. These options may be a little pricier during peak hours but can be convenient for last-minute plans! 

Hop on a bike, skateboard or scooter 

If you want a little exercise and to enjoy the outdoors, riding a bike may be the best option for you!  

Pacific’s campus is very bicycle friendly. There are bike racks outside of every dorm and most classroom buildings. Plus, campus is closed off to vehicles, so there’s no auto traffic to worry about.  

And if bicycles aren’t your style, skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are welcome on campus as well — just make sure you’re following the safety guidelines and you’ll be good to go.   

Pacific student Megan Nishimura ’25 checks out an e-bike at the Bike Stockton hub, located outside of the Stockton campus library.

Don’t have your own wheels? No problem! Pacific has e-bikes available to rent on campus through Bike Stockton. If you want to ride around off campus, there are an abundance of bike trails in Stockton. You can check them out here

Stay safe with STRIPE 

To get around campus safely at night, you can also take advantage of Pacific’s campus escort service, STRIPE. STRIPE is facilitated though Pacific’s public safety department and provides both cart and walking escort to students on campus. You can learn more about STRIPE on our public safety page.  

If you’re looking for places to explore in Stockton, start with our recommendations for spots on the Miracle Mile where you can get a discount with your PacificCard. If you have any questions about getting around in Stockton, leave us a comment below!

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