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Spend the day with me on Miracle Mile

A quick 15-minute walk or five-minute drive from Pacific’s campus will land you at the iconic Miracle Mile. The palm tree-adorned neighborhood is home to more than 150 retail, dining, service and professional businesses. Markets and events are hosted year-round for the Stockton community.

I spent a day on the Mile, walking around and exploring eateries and shops. It was the perfect one-stop spot to study, indulge in retail therapy and grab a bite to eat. 

Here are the stores I visited, but I recommend exploring the strip yourself to support local and find your favorites. Be on the lookout—some merchants even offer discounts for PacificCard users!

First stop: House of Shaw Café & Bakery, 227 Dorris Place

Fresh pastries and Taylor Swift on the radio – sign me up! My Americano and warm strawberry muffin fueled me for an intense study session. 

Second stop: The Lush Studio, 2218 Pacific Ave.

Are we in Stockton or a tropical oasis? The aesthetic is perfect for pictures, and they have a variety of plants for all levels of plant parents. I purchased a snake plant, perfect for newbies like me!

Third stop: Bellissima Boutique, 2230 Pacific Ave.

From jewelry to dresses to sandals, there is much to explore and many racks to sift through at this fashion lover’s dream. I loved their earring section, and everything was reasonably priced!

Fourth stop: Hidden Gem, 2110 Pacific Ave.

A true hidden gem right next to Gian’s, the shop is the perfect place to find a gift for a friend or yourself. They feature items from more than 30 small businesses, and their pink interior is just too cute.

Final stop: Gian’s Delicatessen, 2112 Pacific Ave.

Nostalgic and homey. We finished the day with a #9 signature sandwich and cherry-lime Italian soda whipped up by owner and son of the O.G. Gian, Jeffrey Bolognini.

Miracle Mile is full of so many gems, and I hope you have a chance to check them out yourself. Don’t forget to bring your PacificCard or ID, and happy exploring!


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