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A day in the life of a finance intern

Finance major Sahil Radadiya outside of the Eberhardt School of Business

Hello, everyone! My name is Sahil Radadiya and I’m international student from Gujarat, India in my third year at Pacific studying finance and engineering. Over the summer, I received the amazing chance to intern at Northwestern Mutual, a prominent financial services organization.  

My tenure with Northwestern Mutual was a life-changing event that provided me with invaluable insights into the worlds of finance and asset management. Throughout the internship, I was exposed to a dynamic and collaborative work environment, which equipped me with the skills and information I needed to succeed in the field. 

In this blog post, I thought I’d offer you a glimpse at a normal day as an intern at Northwestern Mutual. It’s been a wild ride with new challenges and learning opportunities every day.  

7 a.m. – Get up and go 

I start my day with a healthy meal and a cup of coffee. Getting motivated for the day ahead is critical, so I like to look over my calendar and plan out my responsibilities. I use sticky notes to write everything out. 

8 a.m. – Morning prep 

Next, I go to my home office in Modesto, where I’ll be spending most of my day. I go through my emails, reply to any important messages and go over my to-do list. Setting priorities and mentally preparing for the day’s duties are essential. 

Sahil on his first day of internship training at Northwestern Mutual’s Sacramento office.

9 a.m. – Coaching session 

Our weekly coaching session is a fantastic opportunity for me to interact with my fellow interns and share our experiences and issues and learn from one another. Our mentor walks us through several scenarios and offers helpful advice. 

10 a.m. – Customer research 

After my coaching session, I work on creating a financial plan for a fictitious customer. Today, I’m delving into investing possibilities that correspond with the client’s objectives. I collect data, assess market patterns and begin putting together prospective plans. 

Noon – Lunch break 

It’s time to take a break! I have a healthy lunch and maybe go for a brief stroll to get some fresh air. It’s critical for me to refuel and clear my thoughts before returning to work. 

1 p.m. – Networking activities 

I spend the afternoon networking. I contact identified potential clients and send individual letters presenting myself and the services we provide. Networking is an important aspect of my career, and I’m learning how to approach it with confidence. 

3 p.m. – Meeting planning 

I have a client meeting tomorrow, so I spend some time getting ready. I go through the client’s financial objectives, gather pertinent information and produce a presentation to help guide our conversation. It’s amazing to see how my efforts are paying off in real-world interactions. 

Sahil at a meeting during his internship training.

4:30 p.m. – Skill development 

Before finishing up for the day, I devote some time to skill development. Whether it’s practicing financial modeling or honing my presenting skills, I’m constantly looking for methods to develop and expand my capabilities. 

6 p.m. – Wind down 

I formally close my laptop and leave the office. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, I spend time doing activities I love, such as meeting up with friends, reading or going to the gym. 

8 p.m. – Reflection and planning: 

As the day draws to a close, I consider what I’ve achieved and what I’ve learned. I note down any critical lessons and plan for the next day. Having a defined strategy allows me to hit the ground running the next morning. 

9 p.m. – Decompress 

Before going to bed, I decompress by watching a TV show, doing some mindfulness exercises or simply spending time with my friends. A good night’s sleep is critical to ensuring that I’m ready to face whatever comes my way the next day. 

That concludes my day as an intern at Northwestern Mutual! Every day has been a mix of study, networking, client encounters and personal development. It’s been a hard yet extremely rewarding experience.  

If you’re about to start an internship, my advice is to make the most out of your experience. Proactively learn, seek out answers to your questions and ask for more responsibilities. Be flexible by accepting new challenges and be willing to learn from both successes and failures.  

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