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Tips to finish the school year strong

What it is, Tigers? What’s up? I hope everyone had a great time at TigerLands perusing the flea market, eating good food and screaming their heads off to Doechii. This is a friendly reminder that we are officially in our last full week of school. Another year of college is almost in the books, and all that stands in your way are final projects, thousand-word papers and cumulative final exams!  

Even if you have some experience (or a lot) with finishing semester-long projects and taking final exams, the last few days of school can still feel daunting and stressful. Here are some tips to help you feel relaxed and prepared to finish off the school year on a high note! 

Start early and study with friends

I do NOT recommend pulling a Kay Chung and suggest starting your studying early. If you have a lot of material, it is easier to re-learn it over a few days instead of just one.  

Danielle Rockley, the program assistant at Pacific’s General Academic Tutoring Center, recommends this method. “Studying every day and spacing out your learning helps you solidify your understanding of the material,” she says. “This also give you time to ask the professor or other students questions to better grasp the concepts.” 

Get together and study with a group of classmates or friends. Teach each other the material until you are all experts and confident in your abilities. There are also group study sessions hosted across campus. The DeRosa University Center hosts “Study with Sweets” on Sundays. They provide a quiet place to study and desserts for you to enjoy. Previous treats have included boba tea, donuts, pastries and more! Follow @pacificduc for updates on upcoming events. 

Sweat out your stress at Baun Fitness Center

Do your shoulders feel tense from an intense studying session? Or maybe your hands are cramping from re-writing all your notes from the semester. Take a break from studying and head over to Baun Fitness Center to sweat out your stress. 

Junior marketing student, Abigail Miller, exercises and listens to music to destress. “I love to workout with my headphones on,” she says. “I can tune out my stressors and the endorphin rush after a workout is always the best!”  

If you are unsure of what to work out take a Tiger X class!  You can choose from indoor cycling, Pilates, sculpting, yoga and Zumba. Look up class times and register on the Pacific Recreation website.  

Take time for yourself and have fun!

Studying is exhausting, both mentally and physically.  Be sure to allocate time throughout the day to do things that bring joy to your life. Spend time with friends or spend time alone. Take a nap, watch the sunset, go bowling, grab a coffee and visit Indie, the friendly golden retriever at Trail Coffee.   

You can immerse yourself in art at the HUe-MANITY exhibition in Reynolds Art Gallery, cheer on your Pacific Tigers at baseball and softball games, watch a movie with friends at Janet Leigh Theatre and more. Check out Pacific’s calendar of events and follow @pacificstudentlife and @asuopae on Instagram for updates on exclusive events.  

Good luck, and let’s finish off the 2023-2024 school year strong! 

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