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Student Investment Fund networks on Wall Street 

Students of Pacific’s Eberhardt School of Business Student Investment Fund (SIF) class spent the week of March 18 touring top finance firms in New York City and networking with established Pacific alumni, gaining valuable first-hand perspective of life in investment banking on Wall Street. Associate Professor of Finance Ben Carlston and Interim Dean Lewis Gale lead the annual trip which, Carlston notes, provides essential exposure for students learning about the vast range of opportunities available within the world of finance. 

“It was, I think, illuminating for [students] because they realized it was very similar to what they’re doing now. That got them really excited about how relatable it is to what they’re doing in the classroom,” said Associate Professor of Finance Ben Carlston. “It’s a great opportunity for them to say, ‘OK, I can actually see myself here.’” 

The trip included visits to leading finance firms and the group attended the Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (GAME) Forum. Throughout the week, the students also networked with Pacific alumni working at Bloomberg, Bank of America and Wolfe Research, gaining valuable in-person perspective at the epicenter of global trade. 

While touring the offices at top firms, the students witnessed processes including trading and equity research first-hand.  

Building connections to bright futures 

For finance major and SIF Co-CEO Jewel Turner ’24, networking with Pacific alumni and other professionals was a highlight. 

“I was just looking forward to being surrounded by likeminded people, people who had the same interests as I did, drive and passion,” Turner said.  

Turner also sat on a student panel during the GAME Forum to interview a keynote speaker about global portfolio risk management.  “It was a wonderful opportunity that I’m very grateful for because I feel like I was able to, afterwards, have a better conversation with the people that were actually on the panel,” Turner said. 

Turner’s fellow Co-CEO Chand Kaur ’24 recently discovered her passion for finance after joining SIF. Witnessing industry professionals at work and mingling with Pacific alumni was an inspiring experience for Kaur, who is an accounting major. 

“I would say the number one big thing is making connections. I think that was one big key takeaway,” Kaur said. “At the Bank of America reception, we saw a lot of people, from alumni to employees who used to work at Pacific… making those connections and just getting my foot out there, it was amazing.” 

Being in SIF has already opened doors in Kaur’s career. “I received three internships just from being in SIF or mentioning SIF on my resume,” Kaur said. “When employers see that you’re a part of the Student Investment Fund, it just shows you’re one step higher than another student applying who doesn’t have [that experience].” 

The Student Investment Fund is an opportunity for Pacific students to manage a portfolio of stocks. The students make all investment decisions, conduct the research and develop the investment thesis. They apply in-class knowledge to a real-life portfolio. Currently, the portfolio is valued at $4 million. 

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