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Computers, music and pool. Meet computer science major Jordan Scharkey

Computer science major Jordan Scharkey ’22 was attracted to Pacific because of the School of Engineering and Computer Science’s co-op program. He recently completed an internship with the computer graphics company, NVIDIA , and is now working on an artificial intelligence project. When he’s not busy programming, he can be found in the Lair playing pool with the Pacific Stripes and Solids Billiards Club (he’s also club president). We sat down with Jordan to ask him some rapid fire questions about his Pacific experience. 

Favorite place to hang out on campus?

The Lair

Favorite place to hang out off campus?

Eddie’s Billiards and Pizza.

Latest you’ve stayed up studying for an exam or working on a project?



Probably 4 a.m.

Favorite class that you’ve taken at Pacific?

My favorite computer science class has been Computer Game Technologies. My favorite overall class was Analog Digital Studio.

How many students were in your smallest class?

I think around 14.

How about your largest?

35 to 40.

What does your best friend at Pacific major in?

Music education.

Favorite food to grab on campus?

Cucumber avocado rolls from the new sushi bar.

Favorite student organization on campus?

Stripes or Solids Pacific Billiards Club.

Name a faculty member who has had an impact on your life.

Professor Osvaldo Jimenez, for sure.

Any advice for students interested in coming to Pacific?

Just enjoy your time. And be very intentional with how you’re spending your time.

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