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Multimedia Reynolds Gallery exhibition explores gender identity

Next time you’re on south campus, make sure to stop by the Reynolds Gallery (located inside the Jeannette Powell Art Center). There’s an exciting, new art exhibition exploring themes including gender identity, trans rights and self-acceptance—plus, lots of cats.

The multimedia show, titled “Pray and be Thankful 4 Everything,” is a personal and compelling showcase of new and previous artwork by K Pontuti (they/them), professor of Media X and chair of the Department of Art, Media, Performance and Design.

“The work uses absurdist humor to present difficult ideas and experiences surrounding Pontuti’s own recent transition and the general state of gender/sexuality discourse,” Reynold’s Gallery said in a press release.

The exhibition features sketches, paintings, drawings, sculpture and murals. You’ll walk through a collage of artwork in the main gallery, surrounding a 14-foot-tall transparent drawing suspended in the center of the room. In the south room, you’ll gaze up at three vibrant, floor-to-ceiling drawings painted directly on the gallery walls.

The show also includes a “selfie mirror,” where you can “reflect on the experiences of change, transition, self-perception and acceptance,” for yourself!

You can catch “Pray and be Thankful 4 Everything” at the Reynolds Gallery through October 21. The gallery is free and open to the public, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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