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Free concert series showcases talents of conservatory faculty

Our campus is a hub of cultural life celebrating art and creative expression in many forms. Pacific is very fortunate to be home to the Conservatory of Music whose faculty are nationally recognized musicians. Their talents are showcased in a series of resident artist concerts each semester. These events are free to all students.

“I feel really blessed to see my professors do more recitals this year,” said music therapy major Gabby Baluyot. “It’s really cool to see them work toward their passion. And it’s such a great opportunity to just appreciate music together.”

The conservatory has schedule seven evening concerts at the Recital Hall during fall semester. The series started September 10 with violinist Igor Veligan, pianist Natsuki Fukasawa and clarinetist Patricia Shands. They performed works of contemporary composers Katherine Hoover (1937-2018), Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006) and Alfred Uhl (1909-1922). You can find the concert schedule and more details online in Pacific’s calendar of events.

Musical diversity

Conservatory faculty are accomplished performers involved in renowned music organizations, programs and events in the United States and abroad. At their recitals, you will experience a broad spectrum of musical repertoires ranging from traditional classics to modern experimental works. Diversity is also an important factor, and the conservatory makes a significant effort to feature music of under-represented minorities.

“We have such a broad variety of music that there is bound to be a concert that suits your palate,” said piano performance major Joseph Kruse. “We just had a contemporary music concert. There’s one upcoming featuring many female composers. There is also some older music like Hyden or Beethoven, but I’ve seen concerts here with rap music in back tracks. There will be at least one you are going to enjoy.”

What we generally define as classical music has evolved and adapted to the preferences and tastes of modern audiences. You will find it in soundtracks of your favorite movies and streaming shows or even in video games. You will hear it woven into songs of such modern-day artists as rapper Nas, Lady Gaga, Little Mix, Stromae and countless others.

So, break away from your daily routine and try something different. Bring a group of friends and check out a free recital at the conservatory. You might just discover something entirely new!

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