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ASuop rolls out a program to help students pay career and graduate testing fees

Your peers from ASuop have established a new fund to help students cover fees associated with graduate school exams and materials.

Under the Career and Graduate Testing Fund, currently enrolled Pacific students based on the Stockton Campus can apply on ASuop’s website for one reimbursement up to $250 per academic year.

“This is about giving students financial, tangible support in order to continue with their career,” said ASuop Vice President Brooke Tran ’23.

As a first-generation student, Tran understands the financial challenges some of her fellow students face. She brings that experience to the table to create new policies, such as the new fund.

“I’m also in the process of applying for grad school,” Tran said. “So, this [expense] is kind of a barrier for me even though I work part time as a student. If this is hard for me to shell out money, maybe other students are experiencing the same.”

The new program was established in July with unused funds from ASuop’s conference funding. Both programs are funded by ASuop fees paid by Stockton Campus-based students each semester. The Career and Graduate Testing Fund has the potential to grow bigger in the future depending on demand.

“We can’t promise that every student [who applies for reimbursement] can be helped,” said Tran. “This is the pilot year, so based on how many students request funds, we will likely adjust to accommodate for the following year.”

The fund is open to students applying for graduate schools, but also to those starting a professional career. If you are taking the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), the Dental Admission Test (DAT) or a similar exam, keep the receipt and submit a request for reimbursement.

Some examples of career-related expenses also eligible for reimbursements are teaching credential fees for educators or audition recording fees for musicians.

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