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Stressing over midterms? Pacific’s academic resources are here to support you

From tutoring to research help, Pacific's Student Academic Support Services Hub is here to help you succeed.
From tutoring to research help, Pacific’s Student Academic Support Services Hub is here to help you succeed.

Happy midterm season, Tigers! We’re cheering for you as you study for exams, write essays and tackle projects.  

If you feel like you’re struggling in some of your classes, know that you’re not alone! Needing academic support is a natural part of college that virtually every student goes through at some point. 

With the semester halfway through, now is the time to ask for help—and there is a ton of help available to you at Pacific. Our university offers robust academic support programs, including advising, tutoring and special accommodations for students with disabilities.  

You can reach out to your academic adviser for personalized mentoring to help navigate your degree requirements or coaching in areas like time management. If you need extra academic support, your adviser can also connect you to other campus resources. 

Academic Support Services Hub

You can also check out Pacific’s Student Academic Support Services Hub, located in the library. Free tutoring, math labs, writing support, research consultations, college learning skills coaching and spacious study halls are available to all Pacific students.  

Services are provided in person and remotely, and individual appointments can be scheduled on the hub’s website. The hub’s services include: 

  • Writing Center - writing support for all skill levels. In an inviting, non-judgmental space, peer-mentors help can help you develop transferable writing skills, build collaborative learning relationships and foster self-efficacy.  
  • The Math Lab - drop-in tutoring for most math classes, from algebra to calculus to statistics. Location: Library, 2nd Floor.
  • The General Academic Tutoring Center - free peer tutoring in a variety of subjects. Tutors are sophomores, juniors, seniors or graduate students who have succeeded academically in the subject with a B+ or better or have been recommended by their professors.  
  • Collegiate Learning Skills Workshops and Coaching – an instructor will discuss student success strategies, including tips on time management, study skills, active reading, testing and assignment preparation, and maintaining motivation. 
  • Student Athlete Study Hall - resources to assist student-athletes in reaching their full potential academically, athletically, personally and professionally. 
  • Research Consultations - academic support librarian can help you with choosing a research topic, searching library and web resources as well as evaluating, managing and citing sources.  

Do you have questions about Pacific’s academic support and advising? Leave a comment below! 

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