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How to understand your financial aid offer letter

Incoming student and parent pose with Powercat at Admitted Student Day.

University of the Pacific is sending out financial aid offer letters for the 2023-24 academic year to admitted students. Because each file is reviewed individually, keep in mind that your aid and costs may look different than an offer received by another student admitted to Pacific. For instance, scholarships determined by academics and potential grants are based on your need and family income.

Financial aid terms you need to know

  • Direct Costs are expenses that will show up on your billing statement.
  • Tuition and Fees are based on yearly full-time enrollment (12-18 units per semester) plus all associated fees that support student services and events.
  • Room and Board (housing and meals) are based on a two-student dorm room and a 21-meal plan (buying power for 21 weekly meals).
  • Indirect Costs are other expenses to plan for such as daily living costs, books and supplies and transportation to school.
  • “Net Cost After Gift Aid Is Applied” is the amount owed to Pacific after all grants and scholarships are applied.
  • Federal Student Loans are another financial aid resource that you may qualify for. Consider them to further reduce college costs.
  • “Estimated Remaining Cost” is an updated amount owed to Pacific including any federal student loans if you choose to take advantage of them.

Additional resources to consider in assisting with remaining costs

  • Monthly payment plan: Instead of paying one large sum every semester, it might be easier to divide the remaining cost into six or ten payments over the entire year. You can make payments and enroll in the payment plans via the billing portal located in insidePacific.
  • Parent PLUS loan: Your parent may qualify for a federal loan to help cover remaining college costs on the Federal Student Aid website.

You can learn more helpful details about your financial aid offer from our recent webinar on this topic.

What if you haven’t received your aid offer?

If you missed the email with your offer, make sure you have filled out and submitted the 2023-24 Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Once your FAFSA has been reviewed, you can view and download your offer from the page where we host aid notifications. Otherwise, scholarship values are also listed via the financial aid section of insidePacific.

If you have additional questions, please contact Pacific’s Office of Financial Aid at 209.946.2421 or

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