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Pacific sport analytics student’s dedication in high school recognized with Regent’s Scholarship 

Just a year ago, sport analytics major Evan Garber ’27 was applying to colleges, hoping to pursue a career in sports journalism. While other schools offered scholarships, none compared with the amount offered by Pacific’s Regent’s Scholarship, which covers nearly half of Pacific’s tuition or $25,000 each year for four years. 

“You can definitely achieve a lot here at Pacific while not paying as much as other schools,” he said.  

Evan and his family live in Pleasanton, California where his father works at a toy company called Discovery Toys, and his mother works as a substitute teacher.  

In high school, Evan played basketball and was part of the soccer and football scene at school, but it was journalism that captured his interest the most. He loved watching and talking about sports. As part of the school journalism team, he reported on sporting events and ran a weekly podcast which he still hosts with his friend.  

Evan’s participation in extracurricular activities made him an ideal candidate for Pacific’s Regent’s Scholarship. While a good academic record is important, Evan believes the road to earning a merit scholarship isn’t strictly an academic one. 

“I would just say pursue whatever it is that you want to pursue and take lessons around those opportunities,” Evan said. 

Evan and his family were ecstatic to find out he received the scholarship. The large amount that Pacific offered beat out other schools and put Pacific well within reach. 

“For myself, it felt nice to be recognized for my work through my life so far and it definitely helped push me towards my decision to enroll at Pacific,” Evan said. 

Evan is now a sport analytics major at Pacific, which allows him to work outside the classroom on the baseball field.  

During games, Evan and the team huddle around a laptop in the locker room conducting real-time analysis of the collected data. This collaboration helps the coach make informed decisions about pitching strategies throughout the game. 

After graduation, Evan wants to work in sports broadcasting. His dream is to work for his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. 

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