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A year of campus events

Have you ever wondered what there is to do on campus? Pacific’s campus is alive with a variety of fun activities and events for Tigers to enjoy year-round, thanks to our dedicated students, staff and faculty. Here are the annual events that ignite the Tiger spirit! 

August: Block Party 

ASuop’s Block Party is the annual celebration that kicks off the new academic year. It’s a night full of live music, food, exciting giveaways and the chance to make new friends. 2023’s artist line-up included Selecta MC and Kaash Paige, who brought some insane energy to hype up the crowd.  

August: Pacific Oasis

ASuop launches the school year with a giant pool party for all our new students. Bring your sunglasses, at Pacific Oasis you can cool off, make friends and end summer with one last splash. 

August: Day of Service 

During Pacific’s Week of Welcome festivities, students give back to the Stockton community during Pacific’s Day of Service. In 2023, Pacificans volunteered with over 20 community partners in Stockton, including agriculture, community care and family aid, animal advocacy and cancer patient support. 

August – November: Women’s Volleyball 

Our amazing women’s volleyball team is up to every challenge and always puts on a great game at our home arena. They’ve had a good season in 2023 with an overall score of 18-11.  

September – April: Men’s Water Polo 

Our men’s water polo team puts on exhilarating games with fierce competition every season, playing an excellent run for 2023. You don’t want to miss any home games.  

Pacific Trick or Treat: October 

Pacificans dress up for Halloween and host a delightfully spooky trick or treat event for children in Stockton. Every year students, faculty and staff hand out candy to thousands of children at one of the most popular family events in Stockton. 

Year-Round: Themed Dinners 

Student Life and Bon Appétit put together monthly themed meals for students to enjoy. Themes include Marvel and DC comic books, “Stranger Things” and Hello Kitty. Students are encouraged to dress up like their favorite characters for this fun (and campy) evening meal. 

November: Gardensgiving

The Robb Garden staff hosts its own Thanksgiving with a taste of the garden experience. Guests enjoy a delightful sampling of appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts and teas prepared by the garden team using seasonal and garden-grown produce. Many of the dishes represent the heritage of the students. 

November: Mahler at Pacific

The annual Mahler at Pacific concert allows high school musicians to rehearse and perform a Mahler symphony with Pacific’s University Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nicolas Waldvogel. 

November – March: Women’s Basketball 

It’s always an event game for women’s basketball at Pacific. Even when there isn’t a home game, many Tigers support the team at watch parties held at the DUC’s Lair. 

November – March: Men’s Basketball 

Our men’s basketball team has some truly nail-biting games every season. There’s isn’t a game you’ll want to miss when it’s time to support the Tigers. 

Year-round: Reynolds Gallery Exhibitions 

The Reynolds Gallery is the vibrant hub for the arts, not just at Pacific, but for the entire Stockton community. Past exhibitions have featured art from students and faculty, including a student exhibition on graphic design and the artistic craft of spoons.  

Year-round: Tiger Escapes 

Pacific Tigers ventured out to a bunch of exciting activities across California this year including Six Flags, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and most notably camping at Big Sur.  

April: Tigerlands 

Spring season kicks off with Pacific’s Tigerlands, an event full of live concerts with local and major artists, games, and more. Past events have featured the artists Doechii, Macklemore and Destiney Rogers as well as a pop-up flea market, lots of food vendors and loads of other activities. 

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