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Here’s why you’ll love living on campus

Living on campus alongside your fellow Tigers during your first year in college will give you a smooth transition to Pacific!

Living on campus, especially during your first year in college, will not only help you achieve academic and personal success, but also give you a greater sense of belonging to the Pacific community.  

Living on campus also goes hand-in-hand with increased graduation and retention rates among students. That’s why we require Pacific students to live in our residential halls during their first two years. Plus, living on campus is a fun, fulfilling experience that we want all Tigers to have! 

Just ask marketing major Mariana Arellano ’25, who lives on the Stockton Campus even though her family is only 35 minutes away in Modesto. One of the reasons Mariana loves living on campus is because she believes separating her family life from her school life is important.  

“There wouldn’t be much home-school life balance if I did schoolwork in the living room or in my dining room,” said Mariana. “I had to have that separation. So now, when I do go home, I can be fully with my family and keep school at school.”  

Mariana has made many new friends at Pacific. Most of them live right next door in her residential hall. She also has an on-campus job that’s just a short walk from her room.  

“Living on campus helps me academically, socially, emotionally and even physically. I have easy access to the gym,” said Mariana. “I have access to food if I feel hungry. I have access to my friends if I need that extra support. And if I do need to go home because I feel a little homesick, I’m not too far off.”  

From a variety of housing options to using university resources and making social connections, you’ll have invaluable experiences while living and studying on Pacific’s beautiful campus. Here are a few more benefits:  


Living on campus alongside your fellow Tigers during your first year in college will make your transition to college so much smoother.  

Pacific’s residence halls also have resident advisers (RAs) who are here to help and support you. RAs are trained and experienced students who help their residents stay safe and well on their designated floors. They can help you out if you ever have a housing or roommate issue. 


Living on Pacific’s campus is all-inclusive. You’ll have access to housing, dining, Wi-Fi and recreational facilities. You’ll also be in walking distance of your classrooms, the library, the gym and administrative offices. You can even enjoy entertainment at on-campus events, the movie theater and the concert hall! 

And you’ll never be hungry—our dining hall has a carefully curated menu including vegan, vegetarian and glute-free items. Campus dining is a major time-saver that will spare you from having to buy groceries and cook on the regular.  

Academic performance 

Research shows that students who live on campus perform better academically. By living on the Stockton Campus, you’ll have easy access to academic facilities and face fewer challenges, like commuting or preparing meals. In turn, this will allow you more time to focus on your studies 

“One of my biggest benefits is those extra minutes of sleeping in before having to walk to class rather than having to wake up early to have to drive,” said Mariana. “It really helps on those days when it’s finals week or I have a big project due soon or I just have to get that extra time for studying.”  

When you live on campus, you’ll also feel a greater sense of belonging to the Pacific community. You’ll get to know your fellow Tigers and professors and will feel comfortable reaching out to them for support. You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of campus resources like tutoring or counseling services.   


Pacific’s diverse campus environment will give you access to dozens of clubs, organizations and activities where you’ll meet and learn from people of all different backgrounds.  

Living and socializing with people from all different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis can help you develop collaboration, respect and tolerance. These skills will help you succeed in your personal and professional life throughout college and beyond! 

If you have questions, visit Pacific’s Residential Life and Housing webpage or contact the office at 209.946.2331 or You can also ask us questions in the comments below! 

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