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How Pacific makes it easy to live on campus

It’s easy to get around Pacific’s beautiful Stockton campus whether you prefer walking, biking or skateboarding!

Living on Pacific’s campus means you’ll have easy access to everything you need, which will give you more time to focus on growing your personal and professional skills and having a great college experience! Here’s how Pacific makes living on campus easy and convenient.

Getting around

Pacific’s beautiful, 175-acre campus is very walkable, but you’re also welcome to use skateboards, bikes or scooters. Although we provide plenty of parking and EV charging stations, many Tigers consider it a major benefit that they do not have to bring a car to campus. 

There is also an e-bike-share station right next to the library if you want to take a quick spin to the other side of the campus or a nearby shopping center. Although there are public bus stops in the neighborhood, we are excited to let you know that Pacific is testing a free shuttle service to Stockton shopping and dining hubs!

You can check out our new e-bikes outside of the library!

Convenient services

No need to bring desktop printers or extra school and cleaning supplies. Pacific’s bookstore has stationery and writing implements, and the Grove grocery store carries personal care and housekeeping products. And if you need to mail anything back home, you can do so from the mail room conveniently located on south campus. 

And don’t forget about Pacific’s One-Stop Student Center at Knoles Hall! In this one location, you can get personalized attention and answers to questions about everything from financial aid, course registration, billing and more. 

Stop by the one-stop shop to get all your questions answered in one central location!

Food and snacks

Living in residential halls comes with a meal plan and pre-paid dining points, which can be used at any Pacific eatery and even at the on-campus Starbucks. So no need to carry around cash!

Eating on campus is not only a time and money-saving option. It’s also convenient if you have special dietary needs or simply get hungry late at night (we know we do!). Pacific dining halls serve breakfast and lunch with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu items. And for that late night snack, you can drop by the Lair at the DeRosa University Center, which stays open until midnight. 

There are tons of healthy food options at the DeRosa University Center!

Of course, sometimes you might have a craving for something not available on campus. Luckily, Pacific has a partnership with GrubHub that allows you to access any participating restaurants, pay with Pacific Cash and get the food delivered for free!

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