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How early tutoring can set you up for success in college

Student and peer tutor in the General Academic Tutoring Center, located on the second floor of Pacific's Stockon Campus Library.
Tutoring session at the General Academic Tutoring Center, located on the second floor of Pacific’s Stockton Campus Library.

By Janice Putman-Gonzales, Manager, General Academic Tutoring Center

Coming to college is a major milestone in your life. With this excitement comes the reality of managing a class schedule, advocating for yourself and knowing when to ask for help. Asking for help can be a hurdle that many students find difficult and fear that it may appear as a sign of weakness or lack of preparedness for college.

This could not be further from the truth. Pacific understands there are times when we all need help, so we have various services ready to assist you. You may have never found the need for a tutor in the past and managed well on your own, but you may discover that the pace and depth of college material presents a new challenge where some help is needed.

General Academic Tutoring Center

The General Academic Tutoring Center is ready to help ease the load of college coursework. You’ll meet with peer tutors who have excelled in the courses they tutor and can assist you with course content, preparing for exams or providing a refresh of the material.

Benefits of tutoring

Don’t wait until you’re struggling in a course to take advantage of tutoring. You can schedule a session early in the semester to better your understanding of the material, which will create a stronger foundation for you to build on.

Tutoring can also help you discover new study skills and techniques that your tutors recommend based on their own success. Combining tutoring with taking advantage of your professor’s office hours is a great combination for lasting academic success.

The tutoring center is a space that builds community, not competition. Our tutors realize the benefits of tutoring and can often be seen scheduling a session with another tutor for themselves. Instead of struggling with a concept or idea for hours, a tutoring session can save you a lot of time and stress.

When to start tutoring sessions

We encourage all students to make use of the General Academic Tutoring Center early instead of waiting until the last minute before mid-terms or finals. At the first sign that there is a gap in your understanding, this is when to schedule a session. In fact, we believe in tutoring so strongly that it’s included in your undergraduate tuition at no additional cost to you!

The General Academic Tutoring Center is open Sunday – Friday on the second floor of the Stockton Campus Library. You can access our schedule online or by visiting your Canvas page and selecting the exclamation point icon, “Student Resources.” Contact us at for any questions regarding our services.

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