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Take a look inside a Pacific student’s room

Still trying to visualize your college home away from home? As a student living at Pacific, you’ll be at the center of campus life, making new friends and creating a college life for yourself.   

First-year residential communities 

At Pacific, all first-year students live together in what is called the Quad Communities, which consist of 10 residential halls on the west side of campus. Each house has single-gender halls separated by floors, except Farley House, which accommodates roommates of any gender. Each residential house has a laundry room in the basement and a spacious communal lounge. 

“Pacific is committed to providing students with the full Pacific experience including a variety of housing options and Living Learning Communities for first-year students,” said Charlotte Stackpole, assistant director of Housing Administration. “Residential students have the opportunity to live comfortably with their peers and build lifelong friendships.” 

What a real college room looks like 

If you’ve been on a campus tour, you’ve seen the model rooms open for visitors, but you may wonder what a room looks like with students living in it. Pre-dental major Joshua Alexander ’26 and business major Ziony Webb ’27 opened their room for us and offered advice on how to make your living space your own. 

For example, Ziony and Joshua say they got creative when it came to entertainment. 

“If you don’t have a lot of space to put a TV, having a projector is something you definitely need to get so you can watch movies,” Ziony said. 

They also recommend getting a small refrigerator and making room for snacks. 

Campus Convenience 

Living on Pacific’s campus also means you have all the essentials close by. 

“Research shows that living on campus provides students with a tremendous amount of support, quickly connecting them to campus and allowing them to thrive academically, socially and emotionally,” Stackpole said.

Our beautiful Stockton campus is small enough that you can walk everywhere. Located right next to the Quad Communities are the Baun Fitness Center where you can work out, the Grove where you can shop for groceries and the DeRosa University Center where you can grab a bite to eat.  

The William Knox Holt Memorial Library is just minutes away from the residential halls. There, you can reserve study spaces, get tutoring, grab a cup of coffee or even make a 3D print of your own design.  

Four-Year Housing Guarantee 

Unlike many other universities in California, Pacific guarantees housing will be available all four years for first-year students. First and second-year students are required to live on campus.  

Pacific can accommodate more than 2,500 students on campus—1,089 in apartments, 1,277 in residence halls and 138 in sorority and fraternity houses. 

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