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Questions we know you’re asking

Making the decision of where to attend college is a tough and important one. We want to make it easier on you! Here are answers to some of the questions we know you’re wondering about. 

How do I pay for Pacific?

Attending college or university can be more affordable than you think. Most students who attend Pacific receive financial aid. If you submitted a FAFSA and added University of the Pacific, you are automatically considered for grants (aid you don’t have to pay back). If you qualify, they will be listed on your financial aid offer letter.  

If you haven’t submitted your FAFSA, it’s not too late! Apply at the Federal Student Aid website and be sure to add Pacific — our school code is 001329. Apply even if you think you won’t qualify — you might be surprised!  

When you applied to Pacific, you were automatically considered for a merit award, which is like a grant in that you don’t have to pay it back. These are based on academic achievement. If you qualify for work-study, it also will be listed on your financial aid offer letter. Work-study jobs not only provide income, but you’ll gain experience and make connections! You can find work-study jobs using Handshake, Pacific’s online job board.  

You might also consider taking out a student loan but be sure to research the differences between federal and private loans. Students can qualify for federal loans regardless of income that was listed on the FAFSA and generally have better terms. There is also a federal loan option called the Parent PLUS loan your parents can consider borrowing as well if they are looking for some additional flexibility in paying for your costs. 

Once you’ve started attending Pacific, be sure to work with your academic advisor, who will help you plan your degree track so you can finish in the least amount of time possible (and thus pay less for college), if that’s what you desire.  

For more information about the differences between grants, work-study and loans, and more financial aid resources, visit Pacific’s financial aid webpage. Get in touch with a financial aid counselor if you have any questions (no appointment necessary!) at 209-946-2421 or

What kind of jobs and internships can help me get some extra spending money?

Many students choose to work part-time while attending Pacific. The university’s Career Resource Center can help you find jobs and paid internships, Pacific’s online job and opportunity board, or you can search for yourself on Handshake. It’s easy and common for students to find work on campus – get your resume drafted up and make an appointment at Career Services to get started! 

Is the food actually good? 

Without exaggeration, the food on Pacific’s campus is gourmet. In cooperation with our food service provider, Bon Appetit, we strive to provide healthy, delicious meals for every diet using only the freshest of ingredients.  

We’ve also ensured all our chicken is halal, except for chicken tenders. At our Marketplace, get made-to-order omelets, deli sandwiches, customized pasta, a variety vegan options and, of course, our famous breakfast burritos and more. The E.A.T. Truck on South Campus offers quick bites for breakfast and lunch. For a late-night bite, head over to The Lair – we recommend the chicken tenders or Impossible Burger! 

Get a behind-the scenes look at how Pacific meals are made. 

Are the dorms nice? 

So, you’ll be living on campus and are worried about living in the residence halls. We get it. Pacific has plenty of housing options, including Residential Learning Communities! Since you’re a new student, you’ll most likely live in Grace Covell Hall or The Quad Communities — both have spacious rooms, communal lounges and well-maintained facilities.   

You can see more about our residence halls on our Instagram Highlight: Housing. Follow @pacificrlh for more updates regarding housing and learn more about housing options and deadlines at Pacific’s Residential Life & Housing page.  

Want to see what a student’s room really looks like? Check out our video. 

I’m a first-generation college student. What do I need to know about college? 

Congratulations! The Pacific community has a large population of first-generation college students, and we think that makes us special. Though it can be intimidating, know you’re not alone.  

Our campus provides resources specifically for first-generation students, like First Generation Friday events, support groups at Counseling and Psychological Services and student organizations dedicated to cultural and academic support.  

We also have other academic assistance services, like the Student Academic Support Services Hub, free academic tutoring and career services. And don’t forget that your faculty adviser is there to make sure you graduate and that you are finding and pursuing your passions, so never hesitate to ask for help!  

What are the campus vibes? 

The Pacific campus is notoriously friendly! In fact, it’s nearly impossible to walk across our campus and not see a friend, classmate, professor or staff member you love. Though our faculty and staff on campus are certainly the kindest and most dedicated people you’ll find at any college, Pacific students truly make our campus a community of love and acceptance. You won’t be competing against your classmates; you’ll be working alongside them, supporting each other through some of those tough college courses.  

So, a word of advice: If you don’t want to chat with a dozen friendly faces on your way to class, invest in some headphones and a hoodie. 

What can you do around campus? 

The Pacific campus itself has been nicknamed the “Ivy of the West” because its brick-and-ivy aesthetic is reminiscent of your typical East Coast school. On campus, we also have massive, gorgeous trees that may take your breath away on a sunny morning. Muir Grove sits in the center of campus and gives us a glimpse of that California beauty.  

You can also enjoy plenty of campus events held year-round like Tigerlands which is packed full of games, food and music. We also hold a Blockparty at the start of every semester to welcome first-years. You’ll find no shortage of athletic events either, with watch parties even held in the Lair for games away from home. 

Can and should I bring my car? 

You can bring your vehicle, and you will need to purchase a parking permit. If you don’t bring your car, you can still explore our city! Stockton’s public transportation is nationally ranked and one of the first all-electric fleets in California.  

Want to explore outside of Stockton? You can take trains to the Bay Area and Sacramento. Pacific also offers a Zipcar program at discounted rates. The Pacific Shuttle van can also take you to spots around Stockton at no cost.  

What’s Stockton like? 

Stockton is very flat, which makes it great for cycling – like, really, we hosted a stop on the Amgen Tour of California! We’re located among vast farmlands and surrounded by multiple waterways with several marinas just a short drive from the campus. We’re a short drive from mountains and snow, beaches and several forests.  

Just a few minutes of walking or driving off the Stockton campus, there are restaurants, cafes and entertainment hubs. Grab sushi or a burger on the Miracle Mile and stay for live music. Hop to downtown Stockton for a movie or a Stockton Kings basketball game; load up on fresh produce at one of our several farmers markets and flea markets; attend the theatre or the symphony; shop at Lincoln Center’s trendy boutiques or float on a paddle board in one of the marinas.  

Check out Visit Stockton to explore our beautiful city! 

I’ve heard Stockton is dangerous. Is that true?

Stockton is a large city, about the same population as Cincinnati and Orlando, and of course, it has big-city problems. But Pacific has been proactive about keeping the campus very safe. And, like any other city, if you’re smart about where you go and when, you can have a great time exploring the diversity of restaurants and entertainment available in Stockton. 

Pacific’s crime statistics are among the lowest of colleges in our region. Only two private colleges in California have their own police force, and Pacific is one of them. We also work closely with the local police to ensure that each of our three campuses is a safe place. Additionally, in Stockton and Sacramento, our Public Safety Officers can provide an escort for students and staff members to and from campus parking lots, offices and campus residences. 

What should people know about Stockton? 

Stockton is an inland port with a historic waterfront, so we benefit from the intersection of major freeways, rivers and railroads. Take I-5 all the way up to Portland, Oregon, or all the way down to Los Angeles. The Stockton Metropolitan Airport can also take you down to Southern California for as little as $100.   

We get 257 days of sunshine, temperatures up to 110 degrees in the summer and little humidity. So, bring sunscreen! In the winter you can expect some rainy days and wind, but nothing an umbrella can’t handle. Seriously, you’re going to love our city. 

What do people from outside of CA need to know?

If you’re not familiar with the area, California is shaped like a big question mark. With such a geographically large and diverse state, it’s hard to generalize about what you need to prepare for. University of the Pacific is a short drive from some amazing spots in Northern California.  

  • Sacramento (California’s capital) – about 45 minutes  
  • San Francisco — about 1.5 hrs  
  • Napa Valley — about 1.5 hrs 
  • Yosemite National Park — about 2 hrs 
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk — about 2.5 hrs 
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium — about 2.5 hrs 
  • Lake Tahoe — about 2.5 hrs 
  • Avenue of the Giants (giant sequoias) — just under 5 hrs 

If you want to take a longer trip down south, we’re not too far!  

  • Hollywood, Los Angeles 334 miles — about 5 hrs 
  • Disneyland Park, Anaheim — 6 hrs 
  • Death Valley National Park — 6-7 hrs  

Find out more at 

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