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Welcome to the Department of History


Department of History
Greg Rohlf
Department Chair, Professor of History
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Welcome to the Department of History. As scholars of the past, we believe that the study of history is exciting, vibrant and vitally relevant to understanding the world in which we live, and the future we are creating. Through intense classroom contact, innovative teaching methods and extensive student research projects, we instill in our students human values, critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the complexities of issues that have been of perennial importance.

History Comes Alive

Education isn't a static, passive practice at Pacific - it's a hands-on experience you can see, feel, and sometimes, smell and taste. History professor Ken Albala traveled to a castle in Italy to create this meat pie from a Rennaisance-era cookbook as part of a documentary on the composer Montverdi.

Our History program at Pacific offers range and depth in our course offerings and a chance to study in small classes with great faculty members who love what they do. We also offer students the opportunity to conduct research they are interested in under faculty guidance. Through our foundation courses, we make sure our students have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in subsequent courses. Classes like Historical Imagination train students in the historian's craft and prepares them further for their own future research, while courses like Women in Time and Place allow students to examine the broader social, political and economic aspects of history through a more focused lens.

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