The Commitment to Our Community

While the University can take the lead in identifying what is needed and expected for an effective Health and Safety Plan, safeguarding our health and those around us will require the collective efforts of everyone in our campus communities. Each element in these protocols and processes are important, and each individual has a role. The decisions and behaviors of each of us impact the health and safety of all of us.

Testing and Vaccinations

Testing and COVID-19 vaccines are two components of the university’s overall health and safety plan. Testing provides early warning of infection and allows targeted measures to be taken to stop the spread. COVID-19 vaccines assist in preventing COVID-19 and reduce the risk of serious illness. The following dashboard reflects testing outcomes of the Pacific community.

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COVID-19 Dashboard


The dashboard is updated daily by 8 a.m. and shows data for all three Pacific campuses. The university conducts two types of tests: PCR and antigen.

  • Molecular (PCR) test:  Analysis with results typically returned in 1-2 days
  • Antigen test: Results typically returned within 30 minutes

Weekly Trend - All tests

The charts reflect those tests conducted at Pacific over the last 15 weeks.

  • Cases Reported This Week: The sum of all positive cases over the last seven days.
  • Total Tests: The sum of all tests to date.
  • 7-Day Moving Average — a moving average uses the average of the previous seven days to plot a point (e.g., adding up the last seven days of positive cases and dividing by 7).
  • Total Positive Cases: The sum of all positive cases to date.
  • % Positive: The total number of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 divided by those tested. This is also referred to as the positivity rate.

COVID-19 Information Resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

COVID California

Sacramento County Department of Public Health Services

San Francisco County Department of Public Health

San Joaquin County Public Health Services