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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics


Classroom Building 106
Caroline Quiroga
Department Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton CA 95211

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at University of the Pacific. Our department shares the university's mission of providing a superior, student-centered education. Of the many activities we pursue, from scholarship and research to community outreach, we never lose sight of the fact that teaching undergraduate mathematics is the most important thing we do.

An education in mathematics will develop your mathematical reasoning, communication and problem solving skills. Mathematics students at Pacific will have opportunities to develop strong problem solving skills using quantitative methods and appropriate technology, understand the strengths, limitations and wide applicability of mathematical modeling in a variety of disciplines, develop an appreciation for the discipline and aesthetics of mathematics, and gain an appropriate understanding of theory.

University of the Pacific’s Annual High School Math CompetitionHigh School Math Competition

Each spring, the University of the Pacific Math Department hosts the High School Math Competition, which invites high school mathletes from across the Central Valley to hone their skills and test their knowledge in an exciting day of competitive math activities. Read more here >>

Our Mathematics program

Students who prepare for careers in mathematics, mathematics teaching, or for graduate study in mathematics elect the Bachelor of Science degree. Students interested in applied areas or majoring in a discipline which uses mathematics elect the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. Students interested in mathematics primarily as a component of a liberal education or as a second major may elect the Bachelor of Arts degree. Minors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics are available to students who wish to add this component to their college experience.

New concentration in actuarial science now available!

A career in Actuarial Science is one of the best options that a student with talents and interests in mathematics, statistics, economics and finance can pursue and was recently ranked as the #1 Best Job of 2015 by CareerCast.com. The Department of Mathematics at Pacific is now one of only five schools in California to offer an undergraduate program in actuary science and the only one in northern California. For more information about careers in actuarial science, see here.

Students who choose to double major or minor in mathematics or who choose to study mathematics as part of their liberal arts education learn the major methods, applicability, and spirit of the mathematical sciences.

The Department of Mathematics also provides courses offering opportunities for students from other disciplines and professional programs to develop the quantitative skills necessary for success in their chosen field.


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