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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

School of International Studies

The School of International Studies (SIS) is Pacific's window to the world. Through international, interdisciplinary and intercultural immersion, we prepare students to succeed in a variety of professions in industry, government, not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions. View our entire course catalog here >>

Daniel O'Neill, Phd, Pokemon Center, Japan
Dr. Daniel O'Neill, international conferences & research

Associate Professor of Political Science, Daniel O'Neill attended the Association of Asian Studies "AAS-in Asia" Conference in Kyoto, Japan. While he was there, he took a side trip to the Pokemon Center.

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Here's a glimpse at the education you will receive at Pacific's School of International Studies, and how it prepares you for personal and professional success in an increasingly integrated world.

Ahmed Kanna, associate professor of anthropology
Dr. Ahmed Kanna, faculty development leave

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Ahmed Kanna is completing a book proposal and working on a new field research project, based in California's Bay Area, which examines emerging left, particularly socialist, political movements in the United States. 



SIS student Adam Anderson '18 has been awarded a prestigious Boren scholarship to study Mandarin Chinese. Anderson is a double major in International Relations and the Chinese language, with a minor in economics. His interest in Mandarin Chinese stemmed from the fact that it is becoming an increasingly critical international language. The award will fund a full year of study abroad in Shanghai, China.<MORE>

Imagine you're 21, a lifelong Stockton resident. You've never been overseas. Then you find yourself in Kampala, Uganda, and the waiter is offering "vegetable lungfish." That's the experience of Carlos Delgado. Delgado is in Uganda on a summer internship. One that entails not only work but sensory overload and ... wow, things are different here. <MORE>

Dr. Daniel O'Neill, Assistant Professor of Political Science in the School of International Studies was invited to write the annual year-end review of Cambodia by Asian Survey. The article, "Cambodia in 2015: From Cooperation to Conflict," is currently in the final stages of publication. Asian Survey, based at UC-Berkeley, is one of the most highly respected Asian studies journals. The invitation is recognition that Dr. O'Neill is a notable scholar of Cambodian politics and international relations. The other authors are a Who's Who of scholars of the Asian region.

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