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Department of Art and Graphic Design Office
Brett DeBoer, Daniel Kasser
Department Co-Chairs
College of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Endowed Scholarships

The Bike for Art Scholarship was initiated through funds generated by Brett DeBoer's cross-country bicycle ride during the summer of 2010. Your donations to this scholarship will help to establish an award that will be given annually to a deserving art or design student that has successfully completed their freshman foundations courses in their pursuit of a B.F.A. degree in Studio Art or Graphic Design. Your generosity is much appreciated. Donations to the scholarship fund are welcome, and no amount is too small. To participate, please go to this Giving to Pacific web page and follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to the "Other" section.
  • From the "Other Gift Designation" drop-down menu, select "Other: Not Listed."
  • In the "Other Not Listed" box type in: Bike For Art
  • Continue down the page to the section prompting you to enter the amount of your gift.
    (Note: You have the option to designate a recurring gift if you wish.)
  • Enter your contact information in the boxes under the section "University Employees."
    (Note: You do not need to be a university employee to make a donation.)
  • Click the "Save and Continue" button to continue processing your donation via credit card.

The Helen B. Dooley Scholarship is dedicated to the creative process and who had a long and a rewarding career as a Professor of Art at the University of the Pacific, 1947–1970. Upon retiring from teaching, Ms. Dooley opened a gallery in Carmel, California. The Helen B. Dooley Endowed Scholarship was established in Helen’s lifetime to continue her life’s work supporting the arts and teaching young people.

The Karma Cundell Shad Scholarship was established in memory of a former art student by her husband Ted Schad. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit, academic achievement, and extracurricular activities to a student who is an American citizen (with preference given to students from Louisiana).

The Kathryn Gehlken Howe Scholarship was established by Edna Gehlken, former chair of the Home Economics Department at the University of the Pacific, in memory of her sister. This scholarship is to be awarded to art students on the basis of demonstrated artistic achievement.

The Muriel Brown Scholarship was established by John Brown, a retired professor of Pharmacy at the University of the Pacific, in memory of his wife, Muriel I. Brown, a Stockton schoolteacher. It's to be awarded to a worthy student based on merit, financial need, and with extra consideration given for someone from the Stockton Area.

The Roselyn Cook Scholarship is to be awarded to a student on the basis of merit and financial need. This scholarship is awarded annually and is split between the Art and English Department. Art Students with an expressed interest in Interior Design will be given preference.

The Helen and Jack Drown Scholarship was established to assist a promising art student on the basis of merit and financial need.

The Marjorie Webster-Williams Scholarship. The Marjorie Webster-Williams Scholarship was established to honor Marjorie Webster-Williams’ achievements as a visual artist and native Stocktonian. This Scholarship is designated for studio arts students on the basis of financial need and merit.

The G. Warren and Ruby Zahn White Scholarship was established to assist a promising art students on the basis of merit and financial need.